Thanga Meengal- one more bench mark

Thanga Meengal- one more bench mark

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Thanga Meengal - one more bench mark film in kollywood . U may not be a regular movie goer, u may not like emotional dramas but pls don't miss this classic father-daughter tale which do has a slapping message placed beautifully at the climax shot . Audience clapped most number of times and it wil make even stone hearted people shed tear . One more film to prove that Yuvan is the next Raja . Arbind 's frames and sreekar Prasad's scissors have delivered us a 140 mins visual poem . All the actors have delivered national award winning performances ! a big respect for Gowtham Menon and JSK for funding this project and standing ovation for Director Ram ! Now its time for Thanga Meengal to wave their fins and swim happily with all the reviews!


spoiler :

Chellama talks to her friend through the window .on the window doors u can see
pencil art of her father, cycle and chellama .This one shot is a proof to show Ram 's dedicated direction !

Arun Guhan

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