Thagararu Movie Review by Common Man

Thagararu Movie Review by Common Man

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Trailer of the movie reminded us of “Thoonga Nagaram” Movie, which was also produced by Dhayanadhi Azhagiri with “Madurai” as backdrop.  Arulnithi’s last movie “Mounaguru” was one of the movies with the best screenplay in Tamil Cinema. He gave a subtle performance in the movie.  Thagararu movie  was not promoted much and hence, there was not much expectation for the movie. Let us see whether this movie will satisfy the Common Man in this review.

Story: Remake version of Subramaniapuram / Sundarapandian / Thoonga Nagaram. Four friends in Madurai defines the meaning of friendship, one of them dies in the interval and rest takes revenge against the Villain (Villain characterization is kept silent till the climax to create a thrilling experience, which didn’t work out much due to poor characterization).

Arulnidhi – He didn't look a debutant in his first movie ‘Vamsam’. He gave a wonderful performance in “Mounaguru” as his characterization in the movie was excellent. But, his characterization in this movie doesn't suit him much and he has given an average performance

Poorna – One of the pretty actresses in Tamil Cinema, who is waiting for a long time to get a break in her career. She has got an important role in the movie. If her characterization was well defined in this movie, output of this movie would have been much better.

Supporting Actors – Arulnidhi’s friends have done a good job in this movie.

Songs by Dharan were very average. Cinematography by Dilraj & Editing by T.S Suresh was quite good.

Director Ganesh Vinayak was Associate Director of Tharun Gopi & SJ Surya. Though Critics & Audience in the City doesn't like COMMERCIAL REVENGE ACTION Movies, there are lots of places in Tamil Nadu who love this kind of Cinema. Hence, many producers & directors target “B’ & ‘C’ Center audiences with usual commercial action movies, based on some village backdrop, especially Madurai.

Director Ganesh has tried to give a usual revenge action movie, with a big twist in the climax. Producer & hero of the movie must have selected this script due to this twist alone. He has tried to give a thrilling second half, but he has failed in creating so, with an average screenplay, poor characterization and 70% of the scenes which we have seen in Madurai based movies. Twist in the Climax alone will not help the movie to succeed at the box office. Audience should be expecting the twist from the first scene or from the interval block, but in this movie, it looks like a forced one due to poor characterization of the Villain.

Rating of this movie by Common Man – 2 / 5

Sathish Kumar

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