Support Thalaiva, Save Tamil Cinema

Support Thalaiva, Save Tamil Cinema

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We are CSKians when IPL Happens..
We are Tamilians when we are within India..
We are Indians when we are outside India..
We are Human Beings when we are in the Planet Earth..
We may call ourselves as Some Actor Fans, but at the end, we are lover of TAMIL CINEMA...
It doesn't matter whether we like Vijay or Thalaiva's movie. But, we should Support Thalaiva & indirectly support our TAMIL CINEMA..
Few Antivijay fans are spreading rumours about the movie stating it is very bad even without seeing it..
Guys, please understand it is not a movie which is PRODUCED by Vijay.. Because of the postponement, his fans may get impacted emotionally, but financially, the distributors and theater owners are much more impacted and in pain...
We shouldn't laugh at our own brothers, when they are struggling to release this movie..
This is a BUTTERFLY EFFECT too..
Due to this delay, not only Thalaiva, but also 10 -15 movies will be impacted which includes "Thanga Meengal", "Six", "Aadhalal Kadhal Seiveer", "Desingu Raja" and many more..
If movie gets released on 15th, all the movies which were scheduled to be released on 15th & 23rd, will have to be postponed to Mid-September or later even Arrambam releases as of now..
MGR, Briyani, Varutha Varuthapadatha Vaalibar Sangam are releasing on 6th September..
Hence, many producers who have taken low budget movies with good script will be unable to release their movies...
Hence, irrespective of whose fan you are, please SUPPORT THALAIVA and make sure that our TAMIL CINEMA goes worldwide with good movies...
Support Thalaiva - Support Tamil Cinema, Good Movies, Low Budget Producers, Theater Owners & Distributors..
Sathish Kumar

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