Shankar’s Directorial Pathway at Station “I”

Shankar’s Directorial Pathway at Station “I”

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One important reason why Shankar stays at top position in Tamil Industry is he never missed to win both critics & box office collection. Shankar is the only director who gives films with proper mixture of realism & commercial aspects.



Though we could not say that I failed, the movie did end up little below to what we have expected from director Shankar. Important factor that is expected from a movie in recent times is surprise in the plot so called “Twist”. Being a thriller from the greatest director, the expectation on the twist is not matched by “I”. But on other view, Shankar’s movie never had importance to surprise in the plot, but always been very entertaining screenplay.


“Teaser & Trailer”

Teaser & Trailer is one important factor that pulled many to the theater. It indeed created a great opening for the movie all over the world. But after seeing the movie, I was able to sense that may be the movie could have been more impressive if the trailer & teaser stayed less electrifying.



Though I could see many critics say that the plot is week, I am not able to buy it. To me the plot looks up to Shankar’s standard. “Different people affected by Vikram on his course of life get their avenge & later Vikram gets his turn to revenge back on all”


Shankar has tried another different approach of parallel screenplay of past & current instead of his typical style of single flash back sequence. May be if the movie is told with his typical style instead of parallel track, then it could have been even better.



Most expected factor in a movie in recent time is Twist. Though Shankar tried to have more surprise in the plot, it did not work against bigger expectation. May be Shankar's usual way of giving more importance in explaining things to make audience understand, resulted in predicting the plot easily. For example, doctor asking Amy not to call him as uncle suspects him to be bad guy at first place. When an injection hole is seen on Vikram body, it immediately reveals that he got the virus in him. But though the movie did not meet the expectation in terms of surprise, it is still entertaining & in fact it is good to watch even 2nd time.


“What Next”

For sure Shankar has stepped away from his comfort zone in his 2nd innings. Though the movie scores well, still it is not above his last movies of 1st innings. Considering it is just the beginning of 2nd innings, hoping for even better movies from Shankar in his future. Most importantly we wish the blockbuster director to continue doing different movies across varies genres like War, History, Adventure, Crime, Fantasy, Mystery, Sci-Fi & Sports, but continuing his style of heroism, technical marvelous & grandeur in all his forth coming movies.

Guru Pandian

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