I Tamil movie review:

I Tamil movie review:

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I movie team is such an abundant resource team having Oscar nayagan Rahman, legendary P.C Sreeram cameraman, man of passion Vikram and the thunderous producer Ascar Ravi and most important Mr.Grandeur director Shankar


A wafer thin story line, Vikram gives life to such a thin script and carries the whole film to the maximum possible extent. I don't want to compare Vikram with any of the actors in the world, he has a set a new league of acting and skin in world cinema, if I compare him then I am killing his passion for cinema,


I joins the list of Vikram's previous films Bheema, Raavanan, Kandhasaamy, Thaandavam where his blood and sweat is not fully given justice in the making of the movie. This man lost his teeth, lost his consciousness during the shoot, lost his health, lost his body weight, developed throat problems for his voice modulation for that hunchback role and dubbed in his own voice in all languages released, he packed himself in a fridge for 17 hours and food was fed to him in a tube during the shooting. He did all these things to get to the real soul of the character developed by Shankar in his script paper and what else he can make you to sit,


Amy Jackson's role is fine and she does her role well. Santhanam's one liners make you smile at some parts in the movie. None of the villain roles impresses and you get a feeling of formality of keeping villains for a movie due to their lifeless characterization.


P.C Sreeram and A.R.Rahman shine in the songs merasalayittaen and pookalae sattru ooivu edungal. Every technician who worked in the film has given their best, but all their efforts lie in one plane and Shankar's making is in another plane and it does not merasal the audience completely,


Shankar went to Weta workshop company in New Zealand to get the exact looks for Vikram's different makeovers and VFX for the scenes and songs, this is a costliest attempt for creativity. He should have reduced the duration of the film.


Venkatesh Ramakrishnan

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