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We do not realize the importance of freedom,until it is snatched away from us under extraordinary circumstances,leading to aghast change in lifestyle and the way in which we perceive people around us.


"Room" is exactly the kind of movie which certainly would have a grinding efect on the mind of the viewers-both physically and mentally,as the director Lenny Abrahamson,based on the novel of the same name, by Emma Donoughe,has woven a neat script running along a  fine line of emotions.The initial sequences portray the secluded life that both Joy Newsome(Brie Larson) and Jack Newsome (JacobTremblay) follow, as they are held captive by Old Nick (Sea Bridgers),who kidnapped Joy while she was 17, and since been repeatedly abusing her sexually.The efforts taken upon by Joy to get them out of that room,and the following mental trauma that takes place,forms the core crux of the story.


"Brie Larson",who recieived the Academy Award for Best Actress in a lead role ,in addition to BAFTA and Golden Globe awards for 2015 ,certainly has provided a breakthrough performance,as she emotes beautifully and provides life to the character of Joy. Be it the agony of being held up captive and being tortured to hell,or the happiness in seeing her child learning about the nuances of life, this talismanic actress, just makes the audience go awestruck with her captivating performance. 


Though being a victim of brutal physical punishment, she brings the mother in her to the forefront, as she thinks for the betterment of her child's future, as she patiently answers all the questions of Jack, who is completely deprived of the outside world, and is allowed to believe that only the things inside the "room" are for real, and all others are just immaterial. Through her continued efforts, she finally makes it to her home, but as she finds, life just got tougher, her mental trauma just increases, as her family is not in such supporting state. She scores heavily in these sequences,and shows exemplary and top notch acting skills.Achieving such greatness at the age of 26,is no mean feat!Hats off!!!


"Jacob Tremblay", as Jack, certainly makes you feel for him, as he exudes innocence and pity, as he is grabbed of his childhood, and his world is just confined within the four walls of the room. Though he remains optimistic, and helps in the rescue of his mom. Though befuddled and smitten by the new environment and "REAL" things, other than what he saw inside the room, he adjusts to his new environment admirably, though his mom is going through an awful lot, he stays with her, and eggs her on, through his childish demeanor. As his mom tries for suicide, he asks his grandma to cut his hair, and send it to his mom in the hospital. Later, Joy reveals that, that incident spurred her to live on, which provides the emotional connect with the audience. He has won many awards as Best young and upcoming actor in various guild communities.


All other support actors like Joen Allen(Grandma) and William H.Macy(Grandpa) are to be lauded for their realistic acting skills, Such an intriguing plot, requires skillful camera work, and Danny Cohen, has certainly captured every frame of the" room”, in the perfect manner.


Finally, as both Joy and Jack revisit the room, Jack feels it's not the same, and he yearns to be again there. This would be etched in the memory of audiences for a long time.


Room - Perfect for Indian audience!!!

Karthik Ramalingam
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