Why Superstar Rajinikanth's Kabali Is Special?

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Why Superstar Rajinikanth's Kabali Is Special?

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Be it a club election victory over Ashok in Annamalai or a reincarnation as "Motta Boss" in Sivaji, Rajinikanth's comeback is always stylish on screen... Be it an "Enthiran" after Kuselan or a "Chandramukhi" after Baba, Rajinikanth's comeback in real life is always record shattering... Kabali definitely comes with the "Rajinikanth-comeback" tag inbuilt. Will we get a chance to see sparks of his comeback through his dialogues also? That will be a double treat. "<<<Signature Thalaivar laugh>>> Ennna yaaraalayum azhikka mudiyaathu"

Fresh team... Fresh starcast... Fresh look... We have our Thalaivar teaming up with a bunch of newbies whose age doesn't even match his experience. We can expect many "never-seen-before" Rajini moments from Pa.Ranjith and his team.

Santhosh Narayanan - The man "in form". Rajinikanth's trademark walk and Santhosh's trendsetting BGM - You can hear the theatre erupt with whistles, can't you?

Rajinikanth playing an ageing gangster... After 20 years of its theatrical release, we have the social media still celebrating Rajini's gangster flick "Baasha" everytime it is telecasted on TV. The stylish & suave don look in Kabali's first look poster has style stamped all over. Will we get to see the "Baasha" magic again?

List of supporting actors - Kalaiyarasan, Radhika Apte, John Vijay, "Attakathi" Dinesh, Dhansika, Kishore,  Rythvika. The list speaks for itself. There will be many memorable performances coming to your mind while scrolling through this list. All of them have their first frame with Rajinikanth, which again adds to the "freshness" quotient.

Pa.Ranjith - An ardent fan of superstar, he would definitely know the pulse of the audience. We can expect fireworks on-screen. We have his "Madras" team working on Kabali - guarantee for quality!

3 looks - from the first look posters and  leaked images from the shooting spot, we have seen 3 makeovers for Rajinikanth. All the images just reiterated his uber cool presence, unmatchable charisma and the never ending list of superlatives and adjectives you search for, everytime he appears on screen. Also, it leaves us in the mid of a guessing game - how many roles does he play? Is it a single role spanning his different ages?

Will Kabali be out of superstar Rajinikanth's comfort zone? Will we have a Rajini sans his larger than life image? There is a lot of suspense surrounding Kabali because of the shocking collaboration.

And this list is incomplete... There is a teaser to be released... There are songs to be released... There is a trailer to be released... Everytime you keep a fullstop to this list, Pa.Ranjith or Kalaipuli S.Dhanu will keep two more dots and continue it...

Arun Bharathi Swaminathan
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