Kanithan - An Encouraging Sign!!

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Kanithan - An Encouraging Sign!!

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Have any one of us ever wondered about the value of the personal documents which serve as our identity in the society,and what illegal and malicious off-the stage activities could be performed with your own so called "IDENTITIES"?


This is what "KANITHAN" is all about,as the debut director T.N.Santosh has packed a powerful message within the commercial theme,and he delivers a neat and slick action-thriller movie,given the controversial nature of the subject.Such scripts should pave the way for the dawn of new age films in Tamil Cinema.


Atharvaa Murali, once again stamps his authority and class, as he perfectly portrays the character of Gautham Ramalingam, an aspiring reporter who wants to work for BBC.Throughout the first 30 minutes, his camaraderie along with humour quotient gives the movie a feel-good factor. His cute interludes with Catherine Tresa bring a smile or two to the audience, albeit one must admit the fact that this talented actress has been wasted in the name of commercialism as she could offer a lot more to the scripts.


The main theme being Fake Documents and the catastrophic consequences it evokes on all students, the director has certainly provided an eye-opener for the people, as the hardwork and efforts of the deserved are being trampled upon, and used by some others.who are the least deserved.The handling of such a fragile subject is done with utmost care.


Atharvaa has certainly transformed into an Action Hero, as he commands terrific screen space, which is enhanced leaps and bounds by his toned physique. Post success of Eeti, his choosing of scripts has become clear, and he sure must be encouraged in working for such different genres. The neatly woven action sequences are excellent and crisp editing by Bhuvan Srinivasan, provides a complete entertainer for the audience.


All said and done, such a script could have been made into blockbuster,had the director tightened the noose on the screenplay after the interval block,as the message he tries to convey is miscommunicated ,through ill-placed songs and monologues,which prove to be futile and Drums Sivamani as Music Director, has flattered to deceive, as neither the songs nor the background score,make much impression on the viewer.The influence of variety of films like Thani Oruvan,Thuppaki etc clearly visible in some scenes,which could have been avoided.These coupled with a fair bit of logical loopholes,reduce the movie's standard,though it is a brave attempt. The dialogues too don’t inspire much confidence. The support cast including director K.Bhagyaraj, Aadukalam Naren has done their roles commendably and the director's attention-to-detail has to be applauded.


Kanithan - A good attempt, could have been better!

Karthik Ramalingam
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