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Pichaikkaran movie review

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On paper, the plot of the story appears to be devoid of logical interpretation. But, immense efforts have been invested by the team of ‘Pichaikkaran’ to make the viewers believe the concept and get entertained.

Vijay Antony has selected a story that has suited his composed face and attitude well. He has represented the role of the protagonist named Arul. As an actor, Vijay Antony has rendered his best in the climax. Transformation of the lead character from that of a beggar to a millionaire generates Goosebumps. The scene where the hero pleads his ailing mother, in the climax, to recover is heartbreaking.

A dignified role has been offered to the newbie, Satna Titus. She has the appeal of that of a girl-next-door. Satna scores with cute and bashful expressions in the initial phase of the movie. Later, she gets scope to express some serious emotions which she has utilised well.

Dheepa Ramanujam plays the role of Bhuvaneshwari who is a caring mother cum a chief of a conglomerate. The role that Muthuraman portrays is something which is closer to that of the real life villains. Bagavathi Perumal has personated the role of Rajesh, who is a trustworthy friend and secretary of Arul.

Vijay Antony, the musician, is back with a bang. ‘Nooru Samigal’ and ‘Nenjorathil’ numbers are catchy. Different versions of the tunes of these two songs have been used in many occasions of the movie. On the whole, a package of a variety of background scores offers the corresponding vehemence to the audience.

Cinematographer Prasanna Kumar has presented the desolated lifestyle of beggars in an authentic fashion. At places, the camera work has furnished posh outcomes. Apart from such portions, the rest are captured in a simple way.


Editor Veera Senthil Raj has placed the numerous ideas of Sasi, captured by Prasanna Kumar, with clarity.

Mother sentiment that has been the crux of the movie makes the audience empathize. In a particular scene, Rajesh conveys Arul’s paternal uncle that Arul is interested and well-versed in Italian Cuisine. In a song that comes after this scene, Arul shows his culinary skill by preparing a Pizza in a Pizza shop and subsequently the customers of the shop relish tasting it. Black humour concept has been used effectively. Dialogues are razor-sharp. The sarcastic conversation between two beggars and a temple priest, in a sweet and savouries shop, is simply bold to expose the profession priestly hood. Usually, the comic portions in the movies of Sasi do not rely heavily upon top comedians. Same is the case in Pichaikkaran as well. But the one-liners are amusing the audience to a much larger extent. Sasi has extracted the required performances from many of the unknown faces in the acting front. Mother is unaware of her son’s determined stint for her, throughout the movie. Recovery of Bhuvaneshwari is purely random, which happens after a brief narration of a story that seems to be the inspiration for ‘Pichaikkaran’. The scene involving Vijay Antony, Satna Titus and Mohan Raman, in a public place, rips apart the pseudo superiority attitude of certain people residing in urban area.
Gravity defying stunts could have been avoided. Better person could have been opted to play the mother character of the heroine who belongs to the upper middle class.

Features such as the guessing games that have been prevalent in the thriller movies of Vijay Antony and the detailing accompanied to the brilliant scripts of Sasi are put together and delivered in the form of ‘Pichaikkaran’.

Dhileepan Kumaresan
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