Paradesi - Ready for International Acclaim

Paradesi - Ready for International Acclaim

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Few random thoughts around the film only

·         The movie takes you back just 80 years back and its shocking how it has been…for twitter and facebook generation it will be shocking and not the trailer where there were some unnecessary issues raised on the making of the film.

·         Dialogues by Nanjilnadan are a big plus…felt in some cases the slang is very difficult to understand and BGV in certain instances was loud and the dialogues were immersed in it….may be the challenge can lie with Theatres which don’t move up the audio system changes!!

·         Film had a great potential to slip to more dark humor with British colonialism and Missionary work parts which the audience would have lapped it up …to give credit to the Director, the screenplay was back to the story line quickly and this differentiates why the movie will make a lasting impression.

·         The screenplay moves with songs and the related lyrics of it…it would have been great to watch the movie after listening to the lyrics of the songs attentively before watching the movie.

·         Songs fitted well with the story line and feel won’t be lip singing mass songs except for Thannai Thane.

·         Great performances by all the actors and am sure the learning they had in the making of the movie will stand them in good stead.

·         Movie is another good example of screenplay moving to the centre stage and it will last in yourself for some time based on interest levels with which you transported yourself to the movie…Great creative work which is ready for India and International Acclaim!!

Sri Ram

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