Pandiya Nadu Movie Review by Common Man

Pandiya Nadu Movie Review by Common Man

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Director Suseenthiran has given both commercial and message oriented successful movies to Tamil Cinema. His recently released movie “Aadhalal Kadhal Seiveer” was well received by the critics. Let us see whether Suseenthiran manages to give the much needed break for Vishal in this review.

Story: How Vishal takes revenge against the Villain Sharath Lohithaswa, who kills his brother had been showed with an engaging screenplay. We have seen lots of movies with the same script, including Sussenthiran’s Naan Maahan Alla, but the way it had been handle is completely different. 

Vishal – He started with 3 best movies in his career - Chellamae, Sandakozhi, Thimiru. He almost joined the leading actors list in short span of time. Then, he went through a bad phase in his career. Samar movie was well received by Critics and ‘A’ Center Audience, but didn’t succeed much at the box office. He definitely needs a big break in his career and this movie helps him to make a strong comeback to Tamil Cinema. He has underplayed his role in this movie. He has to be appreciated for selecting this movie which has No Introduction Song / Scene, No Punch Dialogues or No Heroism. Story of the movie is almost similar to his earlier movie, but the way, he has acted and director has executed, will be a treat to common audience.

Sharath Lohithaswa – A Strong and Powerful Villain is much needed for Commercial Movies. Lohithaswa, Kannada actor has really done a wonderful job as people will hate him, when they see him on the screen.

Lakshmi Menon – She doesn’t have much screen presence in the first half and comes only for a song in the second half, which is not required at all. But, the romantic scenes between her and Vishal had really come out very well.

Vikranth – Vijay’s cousin has made a good comeback through this movie. He looks too matured, has strong screen presence and has done complete justice to the role. He has danced well in the “Othakada Machan" song.

Bharathiraja – He plays the role of Vishal’s dad and has done extremely well. His acting is one of the major highlight of the movie. He has almost lived the role in the climax scene.

Somasundaram – His performance in Aaranya Kandam was an award winning one. He has played Vishal’s brother role in the movie and doesn’t have much opportunity to perform in this movie.

Music Director Imman – He has given consecutive hit songs to Tamil Cinema and he continues to do so. Othakada Machan was too good to hear and watch it in the screen. His BGM adds more value to the film.

Cinematographer Madhi had done a wonderful job. He has experimented in chasing and fighting scenes, which had really come out well.

Editor Antony has done a brilliant job yet again. Screenplay of the movie looks extremely engaging. 

Anal Arasu has choreographed the stunt scenes superbly. Climax fight scene, which looks too realistic, is the major highlight of the movie.

Director Sussenthiran gave wonderful message oriented movies such as “AKS”, “Azhagarsamiyin Kudhirai” & commercial movies such as “Naan Maahan Alla”, “Vennila Kabadi Kuzhu”, etc to Tamil Cinema. The only movie in which he faltered till date is “Rajapattai”. He has tried to give yet another Commercial movie with Vishal and has executed it splendidly. Intro Song without Vishal & Kalachify song were not needed. Movie looks little dragging in the second half due to predictable story

Story of the movie is quite similar to the ones which we have been seeing for more than a decade. But, the way, he has handled the screenplay and taken scenes without any logical loopholes had to be appreciated. He is definitely one of the very few talented directors in Tamil Cinema, who can take a commercial movie without compromising logic and at the same time, give message oriented movies with engaging screenplay. 

Rating of this movie by Common Man – 3.25 / 5

Rating of this movie for Commerical Movie Lovers, Sussenthiran & Vishal Fans, Naan Maahan Alla Movie lovers – 3.75 / 5

Sathish Kumar

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