Pandiya Nadu - Heroism Nearer To Realism, An Unusual But Appealing!

Pandiya Nadu - Heroism Nearer To Realism, An Unusual But Appealing!

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Pandiya Nadu is a yet another Madurai based action movie from Vishal. But this attempt of Vishal has been presented by director Suseenthiran in a way that is nearer to reality and also not short of the entertainment quotient that the audience expect in an action thriller.                     
Firstly, Actor cum Producer Vishal has boldly chosen a cowardly character and in justification, he portrays what Suseenthiran’s script and screen play demands. Vishal being characterized as a lily-livered middle class guy from an urbanized village throughout the movie is a surprise ingredient to an action movie. Vishal, who had been reaping so far, the whirlwind for a while, in his quest for success by doing experimental roles and stories has now reaped the benefits in this attempt. Vishal’s expressions and body language in action sequences and the way he emotes when watching his friend fighting with roadside romeos deserves loads of praise. Although he is the producer of the movie, he doesn’t try to encroach upon other’s space. This attitude of Vishal and Suseenthiran’s screenplay has worked widely for the success of the movie. 
Secondly, Suseenthiran has optimized the Actor Bharathiraaja well in this movie. As a father of two sons in his 70’s, Bharathiraaja replicates the character of the fathers who adore their sons.  Right from the scene after interval, where he comes to know that his elder son has died, he gets ample scope to perform and accomplishes them accordingly. He, with his expertise, capitalizes with his subtle performance which screen play offers to him initially and makes us empathize with the agony of a father in each and every scene in which he appears. His minute and subtle body languages and expressions convey the scenes in a better way to the audience. Just with expressions, he helps in reducing and avoiding the length and dialogues respectively in many scenes. In all these ways, he justifies his selection for this role by the director. 
Lakshmi Menon has a very little role in this Father-Son sentimental action thriller. She does a decent job as a teacher and also she dances well. Soori as Vishal’s friend helps in driving the comic sequences and his role is not confined to it. His role renders a support to Vishal’s role in the second half. His Madurai accent, look and performance help to fit him into the role aptly. Vikranth has got a sensible role. His depiction projects a balanced effect to the Vishal’s character in the initial scenes. He does what is intended. The actor who plays the role of Vishal’s brother makes an impression with his reactions and the way he walks after he is beaten by the antagonist Sharath Lohitashwa. Sharath Lohitashwa in saffron dhoti appears as the leader of a violent criminal gang. 
Once again D.Imman’s songs have provided a native feel to the movie. Lyrics by Vairamuthu, Madhan Karky and tunes of “Othakada Othakada” and “Fy Fy Fy Kalaaichyfy” songs have clicked the minds of audience. “Veri Konda” song has been used as a BGM and this helps the movie to gain pace whenever needed. First time collaboration of Suseenthiran and D.Imman has worked well. Cinematography by R.Madhi is neat. Fight that takes place when Vishal tries to save Bharathiraaja has been designed well. 
Lastly, it is Suseenthiran. He has given a kind of movie that was expected from his Rajapattai. He has delivered an entertainer which also has novelty coupled with reality. He has come out with a screenplay which has very less number of holes such as the “Fy Fy Fy Kalaaichify” song in the second half which is misplaced. As the song, picturisation and dance is good, it doesn’t bother the movie flow much. 
During the time of stereotypic, star studded, so called stylish mass entertainers and massacres, Pandiya Nadu has released with relatively less star value, catchy songs and nail biting screenplay. With average opening, subsequent gaining of momentum with good word of mouth, this movie would satisfy the audience in all centres. 
dhileepan kumaresan

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