Oanayum Aatukuttiyum - Guhan's views!

Oanayum Aatukuttiyum - Guhan's views!

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I really like the way our Tamil Cinema is going right now. Quite a while back I really thought “Where the hell is Tamil Cinema going?” But I am content with how all the directors of this time have understood what audience really wants and are making films accordingly.

As Selvaraghavan rightly said, “Some directors think that only Comedy movies and Commercial Masala are only movies but film making is more than that.” Mysskin stands out from the usual Director-mind crowd and takes cinema to the Next, uh-huh, to the Range-new Level.

Mysskin has always been in the category of the Revolutionary directors but has never gotten the chance to give a sure-away hit but only to receive Critical acclaim. This time he holds them both. Not many filmmakers boldly go do a movie without song sequences. Gautham has done once, that too with Live Audio without even BGM. But this one, doesn't have songs at all and it’s filled with Life of Music Score by Ilayaraja.

There are so many good things about this movie yet there aren’t many recurring characters. Right from the beginning of the film. Why should someone spend CG for the title card? Mysskin has made it so simple that he gives more time in narrating the plot line. He hasn't even wasted the time in putting up the Cast names in the beginning. So see.. a sign of Hollywood film, right? Stop seeing bullshit crap and support these kinds of movies and be a part who helps in developing the Tamil Cinema to a New Level, yeah the Range-new level. From the start, the movie is full of suspense. You’re sitting there trying to guess “what’s going on?” and “What’s he gonna do?” and other such questions. I don’t think this was an inspiration from anywhere, and damn, I don’t want it to be ‘cause I liked it like anything. The movie has no cliched scenes and action sequences. Not even a flashback where it needed one (as so every Tamil cinema fan would have wanted but this is revolutionary). You’ll appreciate so many scenes from the movie, I am sure. Just note this down. Everything that has been worked into this movie, is New!

Speaking of the Characters, there’s Sree who has prominently shaped up well in acting from since I’ve seen him  act in Kana Kaanum Kalangal in Vijay TV. I guess Vijay TV’s giving so many talents to te Big screen. Cheers, Vijay TV! Sree plays Chandru, a medical college student. Believe me you, this is the only Medical Student character that has been life-like in all the years of my Movie-watching. It’s the power of Mysskin that has brought the reality to reel and that reel look realistic. Sree has showcased himself as an talented actor. The way he runs, he acts to situations are what a real guy at that situation would do. Situations and acting synchronise, you’ve got yourself a good film.

Skinny guys are donning characters awesome nowadays. If you ever think if getting into movie, never care about your body. Your skills stand big compared to what your structure or whatever stands in the way.

The BGM by Ilayaraja play a significant role in the movie. The thrill filled music is indeed an added boon for the movie. It rhymes with your heart beats. It’s like someone is monitoring your heart beats and doing music simultaneously. Ilayaraja knows what the audience feels and he composes. He has rocked it to be honest. The dark music is where a Composer can do his fullest. And this is one such rare subject. Well, I am not a guy who has heard Ilayaraja’s classics or whatever but I can know when the perfect has been delivered. It definitely has in this movie.  

The camera is one of the biggest highlights of the movie. The movie runs completely in the darkness in the lights of the night. Most of the shots are just standing cameras shooting the scenes. But the lights and the views of the shots are immensely beautiful. I personally loved it, more like enjoyed it. Hats off, to the cameraman.

Mysskin has dedicated himself more than anything for this movie. He’s done a Naked scene too. People don’t normally do that. That shows his hard work and his character-keeping. If you've seen him earlier movie, you might be aware of his talented acting skills. Throughout the film he has to appear grumpy and it is natural for him to do that. I did see him as a character and not just anyone who’s trying to do something that he cannot.

He stays in his character completely. There’s this biggest single shot in the movie where Mysskin tells a story. I was amazed at how he could do that in a single take. He has to bring out emotions and feelings out in that one take. Man, it was breath-taking. Not going out of place anywhere, not even a minute. His dialogue delivery and everything are simply amazing. That’s what that made me write about him this much. I respect him. But Mugamoodi was a Child’s play I don’t know why. Anyways, this movie will surely go to a lot of festivals. This year’s definitely the year for festivals.

To conclude, the movie is an excellent example for how a Thriller should be and perfect sample of how a movie should be. I surely want to see these kind of movies in the future. I am sick of songs, fights and cliched moments that I've been seeing all these days. People, it’s your turn to support these types of movies and develop the Tamil Cinema (and stop calling it Kollywood). I am sad that Aaranya Kaandam couldn't garner much attention and collect money at the Box office. But nowadays, people are supporting. And I am happy. Go watch it without fail.

Raja Guhan

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