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Seek permission to use Raja’s songs

Seek permission to use Ilayaraja’s songs

Mar 04, 2015

Yesterday, on the 3rd of March, the Madras High Court had made an injunction against few companies violating music maestro Ilayaraja’s copyright over his songs.


Ilayaraja has composed music for more than 4500 songs since 1971 and Agi Music Private Limited from Malaysia along with four other companies have been selling Ilayaraja’s music for the past many years. Since there was a delay from these companies in giving royalty to Ilayaraja, he had filed a case against them refraining them from using his songs in either digital or any other form or selling the same, few months back and there was an interim ban on this. Now, the permanent order pertaining to the same was passed yesterday by Justice R Subbiah.


Further to this, in a press meet convened, Ilayaraja has announced that henceforth prior permission from the Producer's Council and Ilayaraja himself, must be obtained before using his songs for commercial purposes failing which legal course would be resorted to.


Seek permission to use Raja’s songs

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