Movie Review- Box Office Fever- Man Of Steel

Movie Review- Box Office Fever- Man Of Steel

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Its a bird! Its a plane! Its Superman!

The legendary red-caped superhero is back with a bang, and this time not just to protect the citizens of earth, but to rewrite and reinvent the superhero stereotype.  Clark Kent yet and again can pull off anything, from flaunting a flaming toned physique (which perhaps is for the ogling women!), leaping into burning larger-than-life sized machinery, soaring into space and engulfing himself in the depths of the oceans' abyss. British actor Henry Cavill, as though an AK47 has been placed in his temples, embodies an almost perfect Superman, doing justice not just as an actor but as superman himself, as stepping into the shoes of Christopher Reeve (the original hero) is no piece of strawberry shortcake.  

In his childhood, Clark Kent is a freak, a weirdo and a complete outcast who is mocked by the bullies for his ET-like behaviour and is infact criticized feared on depicting superpowers on lifting the sinking school-bus and saving his so-called friends. He constantly searches for the unanswered, as confusion, distress and pain almost drains out his hopes- what was he? where was he from? what was his purpose? Neither could he conceal his superhuman-powers nor could he succumb to torture. Now, among the freezing temperatures of the antarctic, dressed in a plain white three-fourth sleeved tee shirt, he stumbles upon his origins and the soul of his father, Jor-El, the chief scientist of the Kryptonites who gets teary-eyed ( ghosts have tears? Casper didn't ) upon seeing how much his son has grown over the years. General Zod (our amazing villain)killed his dad and tried to take over Krypton, and learns that he (Clark) was named Kal-El and sent to planet earth for a purpose, to maintain the race of the dying Kryptonites  and all it required was a leap of faith! Our Kryptonite is introduced to the  remixed red and blue suit, where the 'S' stood for hope...and when he flies and tests his limits, and only when i was beginning to think I'd probably never get to see him smile, he grins childishly, enjoying his first flight of freedom and confidence.

General Zod (Micheal Shannon), I should say did a brilliant job that made us whistle and clap at his every dialogue, every move! Commanding respect and screaming of majesty, he speaks of decorum even in conflict- he says he will stand by his people, the remaining handful no matter what, even if it requires the genocide of earth's inhabitants. And there's our heroine Lois Lane (Amy Adams) who again, stole the show as a bold woman who voiced her views; even if it meant taking a trip to outer space and coming up with an life-saving whim of a brainwave that defined her beyond what  a hero-dominated script can do, which was unlike just Mary Jane clinging on to Spiderman's shoulders. The action sequences with the explosion of nearly every skyscraper in America governs well, most of the 2 hours-and-something film, which kinda lacks meaning and conveyance of the message- come on, seriously action does not mean blowing up buildings. Finally comes our spectacled Clark Kent, who joins the Daily Planet (the supposed Media giant) which hints about a sequel coming right up. I guess if there is one, its gonna take some patient waiting. 

Mum reckons Zod had the upper hand but I, as a loyal supermaniac, stand by Superman. Not because he can fist-punch bad dudes and not because he can shoot out laser rays from his eyes: I don't need a reason, as he's just Superman.
Samyuktha KVS

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