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Screen : IMAX Melbourne 

Movies: the bat man marathon. All the three movies.

The Hollywood has the trilogy curse meaning, that all the third parts of the trilogy are good, except for few like the Bourne Ultimatum, Lord of the Rings to name a few. And when Nolan has mentioned that he is making the third part of his Batman movie and the sequel to the highly successful the Dark Knight, I have been never excited for any other movie as much as this one and the expectations are huge as everyone liked the Dark Knight so much that they won’t let us down with this new addition. Let me go straight into the details.

First the movie marathon started at 6 am with Batman Begins. Watching the first part on the big IMAX screen is so exciting and it still had the goose bumps when you watch the action sequence or the background music from Hans Zimmer you simply get lost in the Gotham city of Nolan's.

We finished the first movie at around 8.45 and around 9.30 we again started with the legendary Dark Knight. We all are excited just to watch the late Heath Ledger again on the big screen and watch all the chaos he brings to the Gotham city and brings everyone off the limit. Oh boy, we couldn't believe that we felt like we were watching the movie for the very first time and completely addicted and craving for more. Since Heath was from Australia everyone in the theatre were so pleased to see his thundering and shivering act of THE JOKER and people are still humming the background music from the film. No one left until all the titles. No one moved. At last when the lights are up everyone just clapping and few tears are rolling from the audience in remembrance of the joker act.

And now boy waiting for the third and final act form NOLAN.

The movie starts off with the bang and the much talked plane hijacking scene and the introduction of the villain BANE. And then follows the act of cat burglar (cat woman is not even mentioned once all over the movie) and then comes the batman re introduction to the big screen with the usual get up and his iconic bat pod. The scene where he escapes from the Gotham police surrounded is simply stunning and mesmerizing. Bane in the following scenes takes the control of the Gotham city as planned.  In between batman is trapped by Selina Kylie and has to face Bane for a fighting where he completely gets beaten and gets his back broken. He is been thrown to the prison and he fights back and raises again one last time to save the city (I don't want to explain much here as it will give all the important scenes and the story). The film then comes to the final act which is quite astonishing one hour act and sweeps you off completely.

Now coming to the technical side, Chris Nolan is on a mission to throw 3D and make the films how they used to only by 'film'. If you ever get a chance to watch this movie in IMAX, go for it... It's all worth it. The best part in IMAX is the big screen and when it's shot with an IMAX camera it exactly fits the whole huge screen and the sound is just impounding. Once you see it on IMAX you can get the difference between normal and the big screen. As usual Nolan believes  in his team for making his vision come true on the screen . The cinematography, the special effects in blowing the stadium and the final fight scenes are very good 

When it comes to the music no one can match the beauty and the standard of Hans Zimmer. The interesting part is when he joins with Nolan they just get off very well. Remember the opening music from the Batman Begins, The Dark Knight and Inception, it just hits you physically and here he comes up with other masterpiece mixed with his previous Batman themes and he justifies his work completely. 

As a comic book fan , there are few scenes that are complete rip off from the classic comics directly, like when cat burglar kisses batman and when bane breaks batman back bone, they are just classic and it’s what expected when you do a superhero movie: take the inspirations from the comics and fit it to the real cinema/ world of the director.  

I think this movie climax is the best done and it does makes some sense though I believe that Nolan did this to satisfy the fans of batman. I bet he initially had some other serious twist before the start of the movie shooting. But this is where the  master comes in and the most important thing is to not to blow up the things. And in Nolan I trusted, he delivers and out does himself.

Though I felt initially, that I was not satisfied with the TDKR movie and it didn’t meet my expectations, then I realized that I have watched this movie after the Dark Knight and it totally makes sense that I am still stuck with the joker act . I am again off to the IMAX for the kick all over again.

It's going to break all the Box office records for sure, but at the same time Nolan has taken the comic book to movie adaptation altogether to a further level and it will change how people see the comic book movies from here on. 

Warm regards

Fanatic of Nolan


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