Maryan Music Review

Maryan Music Review

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For all those who know, Rahman is not poetic nor absolutely different.  He does something, which people think diverse, but in reality, he arranges music in a way that’s recognizable directly by the mind.  No other legend can be like A R Rahman and vice versa.  Rahman himself had earmarked in an interview saying, people like his songs only after repetition.  But for a hardcore Rahman fan, I don’t think time does matter, anytime!  So, what’s so different in Maryan?


Title: Nenje Ezhu

Singers: A R Rahman.


It is not supposed to be a usual song.  Coming from a director who is known for filming "Vande Mataram", a person can imagine of an inspirational song.  Somehow you find loose connections between both.  The song starts with a lot of agony, which you normally encounter.  Only when the "Nenje Yezhuu" part is spelt out, we feel the authoritarian part of oneself.  Inspire. Do Work.  Is what this song says.


Title: Innum Konjam

Singers:  Vijay Prakash, Shweta Mohan.


The feel where, a lover wants the counter-part to stay, that’s what the song is supposed to spell out.  Its more of a Ilayaraja Sir's song.  At places, parallels can be drawn to "Poovakelu" from Azhagarsamiyin Kuthirai.  But, for a person wanting minimal instruments, this would work wonders.  Tender Heart.  The idle Ghatam comes here and then.


Title: Sonapareeya

Singers:  Javed Ali, Haricharan.


Supposed to be a celebration song.  Not sure.  The 'nadhaswaram' bits in the initial stages do interest you.  But the misplaced Sonapareeya freaks to an extent.  Rather, people end up searching for the meaning of Sonapareeya rather than getting into the mood.  More so, the dialect of Javed Ali gives only a northie- feel rather than the nativity.  This song might work in the North, if dubbed.  For, Tamil audiences this is too much of a tabla.


Title: Enga pona raasa

Singers:  Shakthishree Gopalan


The expectations were high before getting into the song.  But this doesn’t remain in you, even though the tune is simple and the voice is awesome even without much instruments.  A slow paced typical Rahman number.  From 1:44 to 2: 20, trust me, heaven wouldn’t be far.  That momentum which was highly required at that point, satisfies the appetite.  The remaining is all in jumble.


Title:  Netru Aval Irundhal

Singers: Vijay Prakash, Chinmayi.


If people believe that, Rahman can do Complete Justice to his song, this is a song to watch out for.  Going by the trailer, an extension of "Heyy,, Mariyaaan, Vaa" might have given a soothing feel, but the real song itself is all the more different.  When Vijay Prakash starts with, "NEtru AVal IrunDhal AvaLodu Naanum Irundhen" curiosity might break out.  But soon after, when the High Pitch arrives (Aagayathin), Wahh, Hail you Rahman Sir.  Both the singers have done full justice to the song.  Sad part is, you get tired of hearing the same lines again and again that, it becomes monotonous at the last charanam.  If they had cut down the song a bit, it would have crossed heavens.  Not to forget on the interludes! Awesome!


Title:  Kadal Raasa Naan

Singers:  Yuvan Shankar Raja


An intro song for Dhanush who has also penned it.  Its NOT a stand out, as expected.  It is sung with high energy which is suited for Yuvan.  Fine.  But for obvious reasons, it cannot be called a Rahman Number.  Don’t pin down hopes for this.  Even after repeated listening to his song, I wouldn’t love to hear it once more.  Strictly not for Rahman fans.  Raw-Rugged feature in the album which might work for some others.


Title: I love Africa

Singers:  Blaze


Plug in the ear phone to get a better feature for this song.  Amidst themes with high energy("engo odugindrai" from pizza, "Mangatha theme"), here comes a theme for the place.  Voices are ancillary.  For people who love themes with High Energy or High Guitar notes or Royal themes(Qualified one), this wont interest.  The peculiar sounds might interest people, but still this theme can only be called normal.


Overall, this is an album which was looked up by everyone.  This is just the adulterated side of Rahman.  Of course, some songs do keep ringing in your mind, still, the nativity or authenticity or creativity of Rahman is missing.  Its not that he is out of form, but, the videos should complement the songs, to make it more interesting.  Maryan works in parts ! Thanks for the album Rahman sir.

pranav charan

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