Lessons To Be Learnt From Visaaranai

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Lessons To Be Learnt From Visaaranai

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Visaaranai, written and directed by Vetrimaaran, partially based on M.Chandrakumar's novel Lock-Up, certainly had heads turning about as it premiered in the 72nd Venice International Film Festival and won the Amnesty International Italia Award. Upon theatrical release, the film has garnered Critical Acclaim and positive reviews from the whole Cine Fraternity Unanimously, as it is being celebrated from accomplished directors like Mani Ratnam, Anurag Kashyap to Living legends like Rajinikanth and Kamal Haasan. Some of the talking points of the movie can be listed as follows:


1. The Powerful people in the "SYSTEM" keep on exploiting the hapless, poor, and bewildered and 'allegedly' accused in the movie, raising serious questions about the violation of human rights and malpractices being meted out to innocent civilians by the Police Department.


2.At a point of time, it feels like a battle between Goliath and David, as the accused in the movie, namely "Attakathi" Dinesh, Murugadoss, Silambarasan and Pradesh are mercilessly tortured and beaten up  to the core, sending a chill down the spine of the viewers. Realistic Filmmaking at it's very best!


3. As the credits rolls out, it is mentioned that more than 30% of cases in our country are closed in the manner depicted in the movie. Is the Indian Judicial System really efficient or is just acting as a cover for such inhuman and barbaric activities behind the screen is the question that arises in the mind of everyone that comes out of the theatre after watching the movie.


4. Also, not only the poor and marginalized sections are being vandalized, the well-off sections are also targeted as K.K, played by Kishore, is an example.


5. Special Mention to the role Essayed by Director Samuthirakani, as his characterization is like a pendulum swinging between two extremes. He is caught between Good and Bad people of the force, and finally ends up on the wrong side of the spectrum. 


Kudos to Director Vetri Maaran as his attempt on undertaking such a debated subject has paid off really well. His detailing and pre-production works is certainly visible on the screen, thanks to captivating performances from all the artists. He once again emphasizes the fact that a solid story coupled with a gripping screenplay, laced with powerful dialogues with underlying humour, can certainly make the audiences happy. Congrats on making such a Realistic movie!


Celebrate this movie folks....

Karthik Ramalingam
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