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*spoilers ahead*

-Sudha Kongara must be first appreciated for doing things out of the blue...Her first movie Drohi had lot of realism and her next movie, IS, is having some raw moments to reflect a particular society...How many women directors has the guts to do such things???


-She takes a sports driven film and has woven it with some emotional and dramatic layers...Prabhu(played by Madhavan) is a boxing master with audacity and courage...He gives harassing comments when he is cornered...He comes to the Association meeting with a bottle in his hand...He answers some questions through his naughty jokes (still in a dignified way. He tells it with his cool and calm body language which makes one to enjoy more)...He has the ability to win one's heart from the very first frame..His look with a beard and long hair makes one to fall in love with the character...Its been a long time we have seen Madhavan perfoming...This Prabhu character quenches Madhavan's thirst.


-Ritika Singh as Madhi just lived the role of a North Chennai fisher woman...And it is the least possible way to appreciate her acting... She brings you an 18year old fisher girl live to the screen...Her naughty smile after losing a match for Lakshmi was overloaded with cuteness...


-Nasser was a treat to watch... He is a versatile actor. Thanks to Sudha for exploring that..His funny childish face and modulated dialogues brought out a loud laugh...


-Radha Ravi comes just for few scenes..But there is a laugh riot when he reveals his relationship with Maddy in climax...


-Cinematographer Shiva gets the highest point of all..His lightings and colours were of international standards..His capture of North Chennai was top-class..


-Art direction (by Santhanam) is another class work in this film...Sound engineering must be felicitated for recording even minute sounds with high clarity...


-Santhosh Narayanan is an expert when it comes to RR. His RR was soothing and International..'Usuru Narambula' and 'Mayavisai' were more appealing when seen along with visuals...Another qualitative musical analysis by Santhosh...


-Director has walked the thin rope called "Love"...She could have easily overdone, but she dealt it with lot of maturity...Madhi in climax runs to catch her love/coach....Any other director could have easily misplayed by showing them hugging or kissing...But here Madhi actually jumps into her coach arms...This shot was as sweet as watching a baby jumping into it's mother's arms...A beautiful relationship was born through that shot...Hats off Sudha !!!


-Sudha Kongra's detailing and character sketching have got sucess for her...On Negative side, 1)She tried nothing new..2)One will be knowing what the climax will be in a sports drama...3)She was predictable and discussed more about  emotions rather than going deep in to the sport politics...One may want these  negatives to be absent in a great movie like this..But she stuck to the rules of a good cinema and delivered it with perfection....Thats more than enough for us to cherish for years...


-Iruthi Sutru gives a powerful punch on two systems..One on the sport-politic-selection system and another on  movie-commercial-selection system....

"A well made sports drama"

karunanidhi kannappan
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