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Let’s get to the boxing ring and talk about the normal punches of this movie (below are just observations)


- The plot has nothing unique and it is very predictable.

- Some of the scenes  like the sister of Madhi not wanting her to succeed looks force fitted to bring Madhi back to Chennai and take her back to the ring

- Not sure in how many movies we are going to see all the Associations Heads are interested in women!!!.

- Felt the boxing dress colour for  Ritika could have been kept constant throughout the film…we need to see carefully to figure out who is getting the punch!! Am sure the Director would have had her own reason.

- Not sure why the Coach Madhavan was pretty easy (fiddling with mobile) while sharing the India dress to Madhi while that was supposed to be a proud moment while in the next scene, he resigns from the Association because she needs to fight and keep the India flag high.

- The parents back drop and scenes with them in some places are looking separate from the movie.


This boxing movie wins in knockout and not because of the scores!!! The following punches provide the knockout moments.


- The poetic expression of love in the  final few scenes are very well balanced and subtle performance by Madhavan while being pushed out of the stadium is an example of good screenplay and acting.

- The casting and Ritika’s freshness to approach of acting with her natural boxing.

- Dialogues which are reflective of the environment and also the characters.

- Great character sketching where both the key players are aggressive and  independent …that has added greatly to the fast pace of narration most of the time.

-The movie is held by the screenplay, great dialogues and terrific acting. It’s very commendable that Director Sudha has brought the best from all especially from Ritika Singh and doesn’t look like her first movie.

- The cinematography and back ground score also need a special mention which is very modern in outlook


Over all, this boxing game is worth watching and the punches land hard in most of the scenes.



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