Review of AIRLIFT

Review of AIRLIFT

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It's a true fact that we Indians love our heroes and protectors, who spend their lives for us, and when we see a film related to them, we all like those films and start to have a respect for the makers. Akshay Kumar's patriotic action thriller AIRLIFT too is a film which showcases not just the pride in being Indian, but also that in being a true HUMAN.


Akshay Kumar starrer AIRLIFT is based on a true story, which might be the biggest reason why this film succeeds in connecting with the viewers. Akshay's performance and portrayal of a man struck by patriotism is simply outstanding. If you believe me, let me tell you that when Akshay got emotional on screen, I too had tears in eyes. Nimrat Kaur has a good role and she portrays it well; the role is not like a regular heroine in movies. Other actors do a great job and add flavor and color to the film.


Coming to the music, I hadn't heard it before. I watched it only on the big screen. There aren't many songs, but the ones that are there, make their way to the shelves of music buffs. The background score of the film is good and keeps you involved in. The dialogues oozing patriotism are simply to say, superb.


The technical aspects, as every war film has, are top notch and well executed. The action scenes are well choreographed, executed and filmed, and are quite realistic. The cinematography is brilliantly done with and filming locations are quite adorable. The editing is crisp and the film keeps you hooked till the end. The best thing I liked was the director's way of placing the intermission point. You don't have an idea that it would be an intermission signaling for. But, I meant that I liked every single frame of this film. There was nothing to dislike at all.


Another thing to mention is that AIRLIFT is a film which has a strong appeal not only for those who love their country and realistic movies, but also for the audiences who want to take home something they love in a film. In this film, there's not only one portion to take home: You can take the entire film home. I liked the film so much that I think of adding it to my video library soon after it releases on DVD. Besides, despite of a UA certificate, the film is family friendly and can be watched with the family, and rather, the country.


To sum up, AIRLIFT is the finest film that has come this year, and has all the strength to become a major and notable success. Since I watched the film today on the occasion of Republic Day, as I was willing to, I would love to conclude with following lines: AIRLIFT : "SUCH A PRECIOUS AND LOVELY GIFT, WILL MAKE THE BAR OF INDIAN FILMS LIFT".


Anything else, oh yes, I forgot to say that. JAI HIND.


Rating: 4.75/5


Prashast Singh

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