Kabali - Rajini's charm!!

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Kabali - Rajini's charm!!

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At last, saw Kabali in theaters now!!! Missed the FDFS fun and enjoyment but enjoyed and soaked in the Kabali character fully...


Thanks to Ranjith for bringing our old Rajinikanth back.....subtle expressions on one side, exploding actions on the other side, its super star's show all the way!! Seeing Rajini in his age is always great and we hope to see him more often! Right from the first scene of meeting John Vijay outside the prison and entering inside the Gaadi, ummmmaaa to Rajini Sir.....when John Vijay asks him, "anna ungala kattipidikkalama.." and the reply of Rajini.."vaada kanna..."...my god!! loved the natural Rajini there!


Meeting his daughter in Thailand and enjoying her presence in the car, even during fighting - Rajini Sir stole the show with his smiling expressions there.....and meeting Kumudavalli after 25 years - it was a real test of his acting prowess and Rajini Sir has shown to everyone that he is a real veteran in acting!!! But in that particular scene, Radhika Apte was AWESOME.....


Small characters but made an impact - Meena (Rithwika), Kalai and Dinesh; Rithwika lived her role and her expressions and acting were great!! Dinesh's body language was so good!! Kalai has nothing much to emote but he performed his part well...


Dhansika as Yogi was great! Excellent action and power packed performance...Seeing her in more of action oriented role is a new one...(didn't forget her role in Paradesi at this point)....Radhika Apte with her perfect lip sync, big eyes and excellent expressions really stole the show.....Rajini Sir and Radhika made a perfect pair in this movie!! Ranjith could have given even more scope to her!


Villains are so-so in this movie and nothing much to write about that.....Music is another plus..Neruppu da!!! Editing and cinematography are other added assets!! Ranjith as the captain of the ship is really lucky to have grabbed his 3rd film with super star....but his luck ends just there, his real hard work and bringing all characters and making each one a memorable one is not that easy...but he has made that....Mainly, bringing our Rajini Sir's acting prowess to the core!! I am sure Rajini Sir will get more awards for his role for this year!!!


Enjoyed the Kabali experience!! It’s Rajini's Charm!!!



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