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Kabali - Agree not to disagree

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Just penned my Kabali review after watching it in Singapore last Sunday.

KABALI-  a celebration of Rajini's powerful screen presence projecting a not really long-last but a perennial problem in the society.

Wouldn't it be apt to say that we joyfully reminisced  'Johnny, Mullum Malarum' Rajini as the junior 'Kabali' and 'Nallavanukku Nallavan' older Rajini as the senior 'Kabali'?

Wouldn't you agree if Kabali was an all in all movie of only Rajini - the scintillating super star?

Wouldn't you agree that Rajini has given his best to enhance the powerful character 'kabali'?

Wouldn't you agree if it was a candid projection of the roller coaster lives of immigrants seeking a living in another country?

Wouldn't you agree it was bliss to watch super star with no unnecessarily presumed value additions like romantic duets?

Wouldn't you agree that the songs have been sensibly woven into the scenes in bits and pieces?

Wouldn't you agree that 'neruppuda' certainly ignites the fire in every Rajini fan?

Wouldn't you agree if comedy was a missing element in this film?

Wouldn't you agree that it was a redefinition of the versatility of the actor Rajini, decades ago?

Wouldn't you agree that the storyline was a magically mesmerising myriad of emotions?

Wouldn't you agree that it was an overdose of gunshots and seat-edge violence?

Wouldn't you agree that the search for Kumudha was a bit too draggy?

Wouldn't you agree that the conceptualisation of the plight of labourers being subjected to miseries, when away from motherland for a living was commendable?

Wouldn't you agree that each character has been brought out to its truest sense?

Wouldn't you agree that Kabali is a personification of the rage within every individual, struggling to make ends meet when striving hard to earn his bread in a foreign land?

Wouldn't you agree that the flick should have seen a different end probably with slightly better clarity?

I leave it to you as I get out of the theatre in AMK Mall, Singapore after watching Kabali with my friends and families....

No denial that it is a treat to Rajini fans ....

Penned soon after my TDTS ( Third Day Third Show) watch on 24-7-2016 but waited for a while to share my views when it wouldn't be really 'letting the cat out' ....

Do you agree/disagree??

Happy watching...

Jayanthi Raja Seenivasan
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