Jilla - Just Enough For Success

Jilla - Just Enough For Success

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 Vijay, who actually took a diversion from usual commercial entertainers after the bad failure of a particular movie has returned to his comfort zone. Question is will he be successful? 
This time he has made sure that this is not an out and out action only movie with some diversions of drama then and there. Vijay at young age joins Mohanlal and family and be the Shakthi that protects his Sivan. However when Mohanlal realizes that he can't control everything as a big hand in Madurai, he forces Vijay to take charge of the protective duties for him under the shade of a government personnel. 
However, situation make an interesting turn around to the story marking the gap which try to convince us for a little slow first part and excites the audience for a better one. Kajal Agarwal, is the show card of this game and couldn't question anyone for that as the script doesn't possess that scope for the lady and you hardly remember her character name. Soori gives us some laughter. 
Mahat (Vignesh) and Nivetha Thomas (Mahalakshmi) as siblings have their good little screen space in this screenplay involving two big cast. Imaan has delivered what he his capable of and his background score adds plus to the action blocks. Songs are good on the eye and of course, Vijay can dance but they seem unnecessary particularly 'Eppa Mama Treatu'. Verasa Pogayile looks beautiful and Kandaangi's choreography seems weak. 
Poornima Bhaghyaraj, as wife of Mohanlal gives a good work. Thambi Ramaiah didn't get to enact in that much important character. Sampath, as minister gets attention towards the close of the narration. There are many characters enacted by known faces. Some guest appearances are in store too.
Camera of Ganesh Rajavelu captures the happenings. R.T.Neason has managed to rope in Mohanlal along with Vijay and if not for these two the narration might have struggled. This was an attempt to give the scenes in a bit jolly manner which can be told like a Pokkiri-style mannerism and that works well. Don Max's editing gives it as a 3 hour long film with almost equal parts which will always be draggy.
It is just like a batsman getting out in the 90s with an old fashioned innings style (read - at a slow pace but with neat strokes). Couldn't find more apt words to describe the movie.

Marks: 7/10
Pradeep Kalamegam

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