Incredible Aamir Khan

Incredible Aamir Khan

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Amir Khan is one of the most intelligent actors of India. His films like Lagaan and 3 Idiots have wonderful places among the most memorable Indian Films. Apart from acting, he has shown his interests in participating social awareness programmes . As a celebrity he is incredible in this unique much needed job in social work area. I would like to say three incidents about the extra ordinary involvement of Amir Khan in social and real issues. 
1. Satyamev Jayate - Nowadays reality shows become awkward and vulgar in many channels. But in this Satyamev jayate show, Amir Khan discusses about common man problem like Health care,  Untouchability, Toxic food, Domestic violence , Alcohol abuse , Female foeticide , Old age problems etc etc in a healthy way. He is not preaching, he is discussing about these problems and creates awareness among the public. Sometime I wonder, who do we have no actors like this in our Industry to take the social issues to the public ? 
2. Incredible India - I have watched a Tamil film recently in a theater. In between the advts , it was shown there a fantastic much needed social message advt , about the cleanliness of India. He speaks about the value and importance of cleanliness. The particular message , " Every Indian should keep their surrounding clean and neat " is properly conveyed by the actor. I am very much proud about Amir Khan and his involvement in awareness. Tamil Nadu and Cinema are in separable in so many aspects. But still I have seen no leading actors here in such type of much needed social message clips.
3. Thumbs up for the Rights of LGBT community - Another recently discussed social oriented topic is about LGBT community and their rights. Those people are behavior wise minority community. But Amir Khan has no hesitation to raise his voices in favor of those LGBT community. Indeed he was the first person from the Indian celebrities, who had given thumbs up for the rights of those community. He hasn't acquired any kind of social stigma in raising voices about controversial subjects. Again I wonder, Is it wrong to discuss about the rights of a group of people in public forum ? Again our actors are tight lipped in this social issue , while Amir Khan scores here exceptionally.

No wonder in his recent Dhoom 3 success, Amir Khan deserves for that personally and as an actor. I wish Amir Khan to attain great success in his film career as well as social awareness visions. Yes Amir Khan is unique and incredible.
Jay John

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