Ilayathalapathy and not Thalaivaa - letter from a fanatic

Ilayathalapathy and not Thalaivaa - letter from a fanatic

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Hi VIJAY anna, I am proud to say that I am your diehard fan. Anna I saw THALAIVAA. Really your performance is something electrifying; very calm but very powerful. Once again you proved that you are an expression king. All your fans loved it and august 20 is really a celebration for us. But speaking about the movie, something that makes us to engage throughout is missing. Anna please don’t select these kind of movies (a hero saving a group of people) hereafter. You have done these kind of movies many namely Kuruvi, Vettaikaran, Sura, Velayutham and now THALAIVAA.. I have two reasons to request you not to select these kinds of movies.

1. As per trade stats, except Velayutham, other movies of this genre didn’t give best results. So fans and people expect something new from you which you gave it in movies like Nanban and Thuppakki.

2. Because of this genre, THALAIVAA had faced political pressure, crossed several hurdles and finally somehow it has been released.

But because of this delay release in Tamilnadu, THALAIVAA team and fans have lost the golden opportunity of a “very grand release”. As per reports, over 600 screens have been booked initially in TN alone. Moreover it’s also a solo release for you after a long time since Sura.  Even if the movie didn’t greatly impress the audience it would have been declared box office hit because of initial bookings and collections. One and only the main reason for this expectation is the movie is getting released after the blockbuster Thuppakki. There was also a news that in Chennai, the no. of shows for THALAIVAA is more than Enthiran!!! But that record didn’t happen because THALAIVAA was not released on august 9.

Anna, after SUPER STAR, it’s you who rules Tamilnadu. But it’s only in cinema. Only through movies, you impressed all your fans. We love you and we are very very happy whenever we watch your movie and on the day of your movie’s release. As a fan, I don’t want you to enter into politics. Some of your fans may want you to come to politics and some may not. But I humbly ask you one thing is that at least stay away from politics for 10-15 years. We want you only to give good movies that satisfy not only your fans but all people. Selecting movies like THALAIVAA may be your intention to come to politics. But majority of audience doesn’t like such movies.

Anna, We all call you as “ ANNA” thinking you as our own brother. Please don’t take it in the other way. I am telling all this because of the frustration that I couldn’t watch THALAIVAA on august 9. Not only me, but all your infinite no.of fans. Even 11 days after international release, with pirated version leaked on 1st day itself and also not getting great word of mouth, the movie opened with packed houses. Its all only because of you, OUR ILAYATHALAPATHY. Anna, please don’t lose even a single fan because of your aim to enter politics. In cinema, no one can stand in front of you and your records. Please maintain it.

Anna, you have been doing so many good things to poor people and needy. I am very happy and also proud of you. But my request is please do it secretly. Let it not be known to others and media persons. A help will be complete if it is known only to the person who is giving and the one who is getting. Anna, this is also one of my humble requests.

Last, Anna, we want you to be our ILAYATHALAPATHY forever and not our THALAIVAA.

Stanley vijay

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