Gouravam Movie Review by Common Man

Gouravam Movie Review by Common Man

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Gouravam – Gouravam is the name of the movie in which Sivaji did dual roles in 1973 with one of his character named as Rajinikanth. This Gouravam is based on Honour Killings (Gourava Kolaigal) and hence, the title is appropriate. Radhamohan had given quality movies to our Tamil Cinema – Azhagiyae Theeyae, Mozhi, Abhiyum Naanum, Payanam, etc in last 10 years. He had done only 5 Movies in last 10 years as he takes time to write a unique script with more importance to story & screenplay. 4 out of his 5 movies have been under Prakashraj’s production and all the movies have been a HIT till date. Hence, this movie had created little expectation among Radhamohan’s fans. But, at the same time, people who saw the hero Allu Sirish in the posters & trailers felt that he doesn’t look like a Tamil Hero. They were absolutely right as Allu Sirish is Telugu leading hero Allu Arjun’s brother. Movie may get decent opening in Andhra, but in Tamil Nadu? Since, it is not a dubbed movie, it would have been better if he had cast a Tamil hero in the movie. Let us see whether Prakash Raj & Radhamohan combo give us yet another movie which will capture our hearts in this review

Story is based on issues like caste system, honour killings and its dealings. Hero searches for his friend who had been missing from his village for a long time. No prizes for guessing what happened to him. It is based on Honour Killing and everyone can judge the story in the first scene itself.

Allu Sirish – He had made his debut in Tamil & Telugu Cinema with this movie. It is difficult for him to sustain in Tamil Cinema as he has to improve a lot on his expressions.

Yami Gautam holds a unique record in her career. She acted only in 6 movies till date and has acted in 6 different Languages (Kannada, Punjabi, Telugu, Hindi, Malayalam & Tamil). Her performance in debut Hindi Movie “Vicky Donor” had fetched her this offer. She has a meaty role in this movie and has really done a wonderful job.

Prakash Raj will have great characterization in all Radhamohan’s movies till this one. In this movie, his characterization doesn’t do justice to his acting skills.

S.Thaman had done the music for this movie. Songs were very average and BGM was quite good. Cinematography by Preetha really captures good locations in the village. Editor Alen would have trimmed lots of scenes in the first half to make it little engaging.

Radha Mohan is one of the rarest directors in Tamil Cinema who gave us FEEL GOOD Movies with wonderful messages. All his movies till date were light hearted and had good sense of humour. But, in this movie, he had tried to be quite different and has taken a sensitive issue with less dosage of humour and it doesn’t work for him. Story narration in the first half is too slow and quite boring. Second half was quite okay, but almost a preaching climax at the end spoils the movie.

Overall, Radhamohan had disappointed his fans. This movie will be the first movie under Prakashraj’s banner which doesn’t commercially run well or capture the heart of the audience.

Rating of this movie by Common Man – 2 / 5

Sathish Kumar

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