Goli Soda Movie Review by Common Man

Goli Soda Movie Review by Common Man

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Pasanga team small guys are back again to Tamil Cinema with Goli Soda. Vijay Milton is Cinematographer of Kadhal, National Award winning movies (Autograph & VE 18/9), Priyamudan, etc. His first movie was “Azhagai Irrukirai Bayamai Irukkirathu”, which didn’t succeed at the box office. He makes come back as a director after almost 7 years with “Goli Soda”. Movie got released without much expectation. Let us see whether it will satisfy Common Man in this review.

Story:  It is about the life of four orphans, who live in Koyambedu market. They want to make an identity for themselves and what happens next forms the crux of the story. First half of the movie has lots of comedy scenes & second half action scenes are as good as Renigunta and the movie ends with excellent climax.

Kishore, Sreeram, Pandi & Muruguesh (Pasanga Movie) have equal importance in the movie and they have almost lived their role. Audience may not even feel that they are watching a movie with youngsters, who are just doing their second movie. Villain & all the supporting artists make their debut and they have been casted perfectly. Imman Annachi & Sujatha are the only known faces in the movie and they have done their role with ease. Dialogues uttered by Imman Annachi in the Police Station will be enjoyed by all sections of the audience.

Chandini & a female with character name as “ATM” plays the lead roles. ATM Characterization & Dialogues will be new to Tamil Cinema and will be liked by the audience much more than homely good looking Chandini’s role.

Stunt Master Supreme Sundar – Movie talks about the importance of “Identity”. This movie gives a big identity for the Stunt Master Supreme Sundar & musician Arunagiri who have done few movies earlier.

Action scenes in the second half were too good. After a long time, Audience will enjoy the MASS Scenes & fight sequence performed by non-leading heroes in Tamil Cinema (Credits to the Script & Screenplay). There is also a fight scene taken in a single shot with duration of 7 Mins & 48 Seconds. It will be a treat for Action Movie lovers.

Music Director Arunagiri has given wonderful songs to the movie. Seelin’s BGM adds the much needed value to this movie. There are no duet songs in the movie. Voice of Gaana Bala plays an important role in this movie.

Editing by Anthony was fantabulous. His Cuts are in such a way, that there are lots of twists and keeps the audience engaged throughout the movie which runs for less than 2 hours (1 hour & 58 minutes)

Cinematographer Vijay Milton has done a wonderful job asusual. Actions scenes in the movie were brilliantly captured. It is not easy to take even a shot in Koyambedu Market, but he has managed to take the full movie at Koyambedu. 4 Hidden Cameras were used to shoot few scenes in the movie and it has really come out very well.

Vijay Milton has to be equally appreciated or even more than his cinematography skills, as he has taken a huge risk of taking a movie with just four 15 years  old youngsters and which is neither a love-based one nor follows usual commercial action formula.

Overall, Goli Soda Movie has engaging screenplay, awesome dialogues, excellent casting and good music along with wonderful message oriented climax.

Rating of this movie by Common Man – 3 / 5

Rating of this movie for people who liked Pasanga, Reningunta, Subramaniapuram, etc – 3.5 / 5

Sathish Kumar

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