Ethir Neechchal Against The Ipl Waves

Ethir Neechchal Against The Ipl Waves

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Who said IPL would affect the Box Office Hits of Kollywood?   It’s a spurious belief. If You deliver a good cinema, You may survive. That happens today. Good Kollywood films can survive in spite of the promotions of IPL. 

Kedi Billa Killadi Ranga was the first hit in this IPL summer. Comedy is the success behind this film. Low budgeted film, but with great presentations have made this film watchable. This film's success again proves that narration is the heart of any film. One should not compromise anything while narrating the film. The film should entertain the audience. This is the Manthra behind a success. KBKR entertains the public and has given a sharp message too. Siva Karthikeyan delivers a neat performance. Soori emerges as a very good alternative for Santhanam with this film. 

Soodhu Kavvum - What a fantastic narration! Most of us might have seen these types of Hollywood films, even in 90s. But in 2013, with such a low budget, Nalan Kumarsamy delivers a wonderful treat for the present day Youth. Vijay Sethupathi- There is no extra bit of reaction from your face, apart from what that character needs. There will be a bright future for Vijay Sethupathi. Then Simha, the guy from Trichy in this film, has delivered very nice comedy moments. Surprisingly this film too lacks Santhanam, but the director is so good in delivering jokes with the new comers.  Soodhu kavvum strikes gold in the theaters against the IPL waves.

Ethir Neechal - While the Soodhu Kavvum shows the negative shades of Chennai, this Ethir Neechal shows positive signs of Chennai. Ethir Neechal has succeeded its goal as its name stands for, against the IPL fever. Once again Siva Karthikeyan delivers a fantastic job. The film elevates the optimistic behaviors of a human, with a fun filled narration. This film too lacks Santhanam factor, instead we have been provided with a wonderful substitute, Sathish who delivers one liners throughout the film, with convincing manner. 

All the above three films have Comedy and Sentiments in proper proportions, and these films have shown good short film directors like Nalan Kumarasamy and Durai SenthiKumar into limelight.  

These films also have given Kollywood, the very good comedians like Soori, Sathish, Simha. All these three SSS are becoming very nice substitutes for the other well established S [Santhanam].

In Kollywood we have seen a lot of Rival Pair Heroes during its course. MGR- Sivaji , Rajini - Kamal , SathyaRaj - VijayaKanth , Prabu - Karthik , Vijay - Ajith , Vikram - Surya , Simbu - Dhanush - are the few among them. This summer has given us another wonderful, energetic, promising rival pair in acting " Vijay Sethupathy - Siva Karthikeyan " . Wishing this combo for their bright future. Their films have survived in this IPL waves. This shows a HUGE HOPE not only for these budding actors, but for the Low Budget Producers too.

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