Ethir Neechal Movie Review by Common Man:

Ethir Neechal Movie Review by Common Man:

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Ethir Neechal is very important to Sivakarthikeyan’s career as he plays the solo hero in this movie. This movie had created good expectation as it is Sivakarthikeyan’s movie after successful KBKR, Anirudh’s movie after the world wide hit “Kolaveri” (Moonu), Nandita’s second movie after “Attakathi” & it is produced by Dhanush with Director Durai Senthil Kumar.
Story: There are two completely different stories in the movie.

First Half – What is there in a “Name”? Director had managed to give a light hearted romantic first half with issues faced by Sivakarthikeyan due to his name “Kunjidhapaadham”. He gets irritated when people call him with his short name as “Kunju” and changes his name to “Harish”. Then, he meets Priya Anand and they fall in love with each other.

Second Half – Nanditha is a poor athlete who is unable to achieve her goal due to fake medical results. She trains Sivakarthikeyan and helps him to win in Chennai Marathon Race.

As you can see the first half is completely different from the second half. Director had given more importance to the COMEDY between Sivakarthikeyan and Sathish, rather than the story in the first half. In the second half, he wants to convey a message to the audience with real life incident of an Athlete. He manages to connect these 2 contrasting stories with less convincing reason.

Sivakarthikeyan – His movies are really getting big openings and this movie is not an exception. For the first time, he had tried to act as a ROMANTIC hero in this movie and has succeeded to great extent. He had really improved a lot on his acting and has given a neat performance. His acting in the climax scene was too good.

Priya Anand had done the leading heroine role in this movie. She is a pretty actress, who can do both homely & glamorous roles. She comes only in the first half and climax scene.

Nandita, who made her debut in “Attakathi” and captured the hearts of youngsters, plays the second heroine role in the movie. She plays the role of a trainer and poor athlete, who failed to achieve her goal. She has more importance and screen presence than Siva Karthikeyan in the second half as the whole movie revolves around her. She had almost lived the character. If she selects good scripts like this, she will be one of the leading actresses in Tamil Cinema.

Suza Kumar (debutant) had done a cameo role in the movie, rejecting Sivakarthikeyan’s love, as she feels that it would look bad to put Kunjidhapaadham as her last name after marriage. She looks beautiful and had done justice to her cameo appearance.

Sathish, who acted in Marina, had almost done the role similar to it. His one liners and punch dialogues are the major reason for engaging the audience in the first half.

Dhanush’s cameo appearance comes at the beginning of the second half (after the interval) and it
was well received by the audience. Nayanthara cameo in the song didn’t even last for a minute.

Music by Anirudh Ravichandar was already a huge hit and it is one of the reasons for expectation of this movie. His Background Music was excellent in the movie and it would be good for Tami Cinema if he sticks to the Music rather than involving in other activities (acting as hero, etc). Nijamellam Maranthupochu sung by Dhanush , Boomi Enna Suthudhe sung by Anirudh were too good.  His BGM in 10 minutes of Marathon Race without any dialogues was AWESOME. He will definitely hit big in future.

“Veliche Poovae” Song was treat to our eyes with wonderful cinematography by Velraj. Vaali had penned the lyrics of Velicha Poove.

Durai Senthil Kumar proves that he can even take a movie with full of comedy or with good message through this movie. First half was quite racy though it didn't have story in it. But, the second half was quite dragging & boring as there were more emotional scenes towards Nandhitha and her dad with slow pace.

Overall, Ethir Neechal has 2 stories in it. Few of them may like the first half & few may like the second half.

Rating of this movie by Common Man – 3 / 5
Sathish Kumar

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