Chennaiyil Oru Nal - Memorable day

Chennaiyil Oru Nal - Memorable day

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Chennaiyil Oru Nal is a racy movie with a strong message for society which is not much spoken in any movies. The factor which elevates the spirit of the movie is the excellent performance by most of the actors.


1)     Good screenplay especially in the first half. The crisp introduction about each character was really good and the moment they all come together in the story was also nicely portrayed.

2)     Casting is the biggest strength of the movie and the pillars of the movie are Prakash Raj, Radhika, Lakshmi Rama Krishnan, Jayaprakash, Cheran and  Prasanna. The clear winner is Lakshmi Ramakrishnan who simply outperforms anyone in emotional scenes. Then follows Prakash Raj and Cheran.

3)     Emotional scenes are well handled without making the audience feel bored. The scenes involving Jaya prakash and Lakshmy Ramakrishnan in hospital and the scene where they both return from hospital are very poetic with excellent acting without any dialogue.

4)     The movie also emphasizes the need for the quality time which we need to spend with our children irrespective of the busy schedule in our profession. The interview scene with Prakash Raj in his house and frustrated dialogues by Radhika towards Prakash Raj before climax are excellent.


1)     Last 15 minutes (travelling in busy streets to reach hospital) before climax was really letdown and was cinematic.


Could have been better

1)     Screenplay in second half is slightly below Par. Especially the scenes happening in control room was missing perfection and even Sarathkumar’s acting was not thoroughly professional where something is missing.

2)     The girl coming as Karthick’s (Sachin) lover should have done better.

Final Verdict  :  Worth a watch.

Rating            :  6.5/10

Ram Kumar

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