Bramman Movie Review by Common Man:

Bramman Movie Review by Common Man:

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Story: Sasikumar & Naveen are childhood friends, who love Cinema. They get separated due to an incident. How they reunite forms the crux of the story. It is quite similar to 'Kuselan' movie.
Sasikumar – It is a new genre for him. People love him, when he acts in message oriented movies or speaks dialogues which are related to the society. But, in this movie, he goes behind the girl like our usual heroes and it may not go well with his fans. His dance movements in duet songs look funny.
Lavanya –  She makes her debut in Tamil Cinema with this movie. She looks beautiful, but has to improve a lot in her acting, as she stands like a statue in most of the scenes.
Naveen Chandra –  He makes debut in Tamil Cinema through this movie along with Lavanya. He too follows Lavanya’s footprints (standing like a statue) in his scenes.
Santhanam & Soori – Santhanam takes care of comedy in the first half and Soori takes care of it in the second half. Both of them have made sure that they make audience laugh with their one-liners and it is the only saving grace in the movie.
Devisriprasad – En Uyirin Uyiraga Song was good to listen. Sentimental scenes music was similar to Vikraman movies
Cinematography by Joman was quite good in Songs. But, in few scenes, cinematography was pretty average.
Editing could have been much better. Movie runs for 150 minutes and it really tests the patience of the audience. There are lots of scenes, which are not needed for this movie & irritate the audience.
Director Socrates has tried to give a commercial movie with more importance to friendship.  But, unfortunately, he fails to do so with very ordinary story & screenplay.  He has missed out an excellent opportunity to make dream debut in Tamil Cinema with Sasikumar and reputed Crew.
 Unlike Sasikumar's earlier movies, this movie has forced comedy one liners, hero going behind heroine, weak script, unnecessary fight scene & hero singing duet songs in overseas locations. Santhanam's comedy alone stands out in the movie
Rating of this movie by Common Man - 1.5/ 5
Sathish Kumar

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