Onaayum Aattukuttiyum Movie Review by Common Man

Onaayum Aattukuttiyum Movie Review by Common Man

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Onaayum Aattukkuttiyum – Mysskin has produced OA under his own Production banner - “Lone Wolf Production” for the first time.  It is really disheartening to see a movie from one of the good directors in Tamil Cinema, releasing without any promotion in lesser number of theaters. Mysskin is one of the few directors, who take experimental movies with unique screenplay and hence, has a dedicated fan base for him. 
This Movie doesn’t have any Songs or Heroine in the movie. Movie doesn’t even have an item song in which a girl dances in yellow colour saree in this movie. Taking a movie without song, comedian & heroine requires huge faith on the story & screenplay of the movie in Indian Cinema. Mysskin has to be really applauded for taking a bold movie under his own production. Let us see whether it will satisfy Common Man in this Review.
Story: Wolf represents Evil side of a man & Lamb represents God side of a man. Each & every man will have both these characteristics. Story travels on 2 Characters – Mysskin (Wolf) & Sri (Lamb) with one of the best screenplay in Tamil Cinema.

Sri, who made his debut with VE 18/ 9 plays the lead role along with Mysskin. Sri is really blessed to act in such a kind of movie after VE 18 / 9. This movie will be the best movie in his career even after 10 years. Mysskin proves that he is an excellent actor yet again in this movie. A scene in which he confesses about himself is one of the best scenes in this decade. 

There are more than 100 debutants in the movie. ‘Most of them have done their role with perfection.
Cinematographer Balaji has worked a lot for this movie as most of the scenes happen only in the night. It is very difficult to take nigh shots, but he has captured the shots brilliantly.

Music by Ilaiyaraaja adds more value to this movie. He proves that he is the best in the world, when it comes to Back Ground Music. BGM plays a vital role in this movie.

Director Mysskin – He is one of the very talented directors in Tamil Cinema. But, due to Mugamoodi’s result and new artists in this movie, this movie was not much expected by common audience. But, his dedicated fans were expecting this movie for a long time and they are treated with one of the best movies in Tamil Cinema. He has made a very strong comeback by taking a huge risk under his own production by not having songs, heroine or comedian. This movie is a lesson for budding directors & even established directors on how to write a screenplay.
Overall, OA will give you an experience of watching a WORLD CINEMA without the help of subtitles.
This movie is not intended for the people who looks for Comedy scenes, air fighting scenes, glamorous heroines, meaningless songs, punch dialogues etc

Rating of this movie by Common Man – This movie is to be celebrated and not rated; we have to feel proud that this movie has been taken in a language, which we can understand without the help of subtitles.
A Royal Salute to the Master of Screenplay & Emotions.
WORD OF MOUTH will help this movie to succeed it at the Box Office. Any Human being who knows the meaning of love & emotion will like this movie. There was standing ovation in theaters and people waited till the end credits to clap for the man who directed this movie. 
In an era, when people clap for Hero Introduction Scene, Punch Dialogues, Comedy Scenes, etc – There were also applause by realistic movie lovers in more than 10 emotional scenes in this movie. 
People whoever had watched it will like it. You can act as a PROMOTER of this movie by sharing this review & spreading the word to save our TAMIL CINEMA.
Sathish Kumar

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