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After Mugamoodi, Myskin is back again with his favorite genre, Dark thriller. Yes, like his previous movies he neglects the light effects to express a confession in his own style.
The plot is same as what we have witnessed for more than a decade, but it was expressed from a different view which makes this wolf more cunning than the other story tellers. He expressed the story from the viewer's angle and he didn't reside on any character to convey it, that unique style adds more thrills and chills for the viewers especially in the second half.
The whole movie packed as a single incident and from that incident the wolf proposes the story only before the climax and no one can assume anything before that. Myskin and Sri put their heart in their characters and both of them convincingly transformed in to wolf and the lamb respectively. Myskin makes his mark as an actor and watch out for his superb performance in a scene where he making a confession without any cuts for about 5mins, that scene is the USP of the movie. Sri as an innocent medical student brings out his fear and emotions perfectly. A scene in the end where he stood up casually and walks away by carrying the little girl without any hesitation was the perfect example of his potential. 
Action sequences are made with fantastic creativity particularly the climax executions, though it looks bizarre but fabulous. Less amount of dialogues and all of them struck the chord at the right places.  Ilayaraja's BGM was very different and carries the mood of the movie. Cinematography was done well even in the dull lights; it captured Chennai in different tones. There are lots of lukewarm moments in the beginning but once the plot moves, all the interesting factors are all started to showing up one by one until you drown with it. 
On the down side, Characterization was really poor, apart from Sri and Myskin, no one was genuine in their roles. Most of the cast members were artificial, the guy who acted as CB-CID has no expressions with him but he got saved only because of the person who dubbed him. Myskin has a typical taste on the antagonists that follows in this movie too. Myskin’s touches are all over the movie, sometimes it looks great but sometimes it surely will test your patience. Not sure what are myskin's connections with the CB-CID coz in all his movies only two of them were shown more brilliant than the entire police department. 
There are lots of scenes in the movie where the audiences mixing their applause sound with the BGM and those sounds are all came even for small characters too, this is where myskin's strength was verified. 
Verdict - Myskin and mystery, still a better love story than Raja Rani
Nivaz r

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