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It has been a crazeeeeeeee fortnight of work, work and more work and I was telling myself 'I wish God gives me, me alone, more than 24 hours in a day to stuff in all the things I want to do!” In between this demanding schedule my
hi-tech savvy phone which I don't know to use, beeped a reminder that I had to submit my 'thoughts' to 'talkie with rekhs'! And as usual I found this reminder mail from Jyothsna the ever diligent soul of behindwoods in my inbox winking at me!

Like Gautama Buddha under the peepal tree I was blessed with a flash of enlightenment as I caught up with what's happening in the world and around me, today. All this splash and spread of kolaveri song sent me on ‘flash back’ mode.
I had posted a song ‘Edhuvumae Mukkiyamillai’ (Nothing is important huh!) from the world acclaimed film ‘mudhal mudhal mudhal varai ‘(M3V) in www.thiraigaanam.com that proudly boasts of the largest database of ‘tamil song lyrics’ on the net. This was September of 2008! My friends in ‘tamilsonglyrics’ group loved its conversational style, this ‘lamenting of love’ song, as I call it.

In fact I am sure the same rave reviews would have happened right then if only the director-lyricist-singer Krishnan Seshadri Gomatam had shared it with the whole world! I remember the director telling me that Aslam, the music director, was insistent that the song should be uploaded on the net especially since M3V was the first Thamizh film to be promoted on social networking sites! But I guess the director probably was hesitant (a little too humble) since he had sung and penned the lyrics!! I have no clue why but I do think modesty isn't always a virtue!

Simply put, this song is a 'brickbat' at one's self that can be flooded with 'bouquets' as a self-motivation upbeat song.

Edhuvumae mukkiyam illai goes something like this:
edhuvumae mukkiyam illai
(Nothing is important! Huh?!)

I luv you luv you luv you nu solli
saththyam pannadhu
(the way you swore eternal love to me)
This is my favorite, a page from my life,
when I used to hassle Hari!! Lol

First time, nee saree uduththindappo
naan unakku help pannadhu
(1st time you ever wore a sari
how I helped you drape it over you)

I love the exit lines that are so self-deprecatingly inspiring!

Professional life layum rejection
personal life layum rejection..

Great! You are rocking man!!

And the whole song with Satyajit in it rocks!
Satyajit is an awesome actor, Sollywood’s answer to Saif Ali Khan, and I wish Kollywood would wake up to tapping honest-to-go(o)d rocking talent!
The hero goes on a trip down memory lane wondering what went wrong with his one true love in his life! It's a kind of 'rewind your life' song but in a realistic and relate-able way. The song had won rave reviews from the International film community for NOT resorting to the usual ‘hero drunk with a beard or stubble, recalling the good times with the heroine… or their togetherness!’ Oh how clichéd it would have been if it was shot like that!

M3V itself is all about 1st time experiences - a radical thought!
Even at 80 one can have a 1st time experience! This film globe trotted and won several awards imaginable. Thanks to theatre non availability and politics it didn’t get a proper release here. But it has been applauded and acclaimed by stalwarts in our industry, big time.

An interesting fact is that the same director–music director duo gave us the music video that has gazzzzillion hits in you tube: Ho gayi hai mohabbat, a trend setter that is still evergreen in almost all minds.

That song has the same simplicity, subtle humor that's woven into the lines, layers that one can delve into, extremely hum-able and something that would attract music connoisseurs world over. In fact you don't have to be a connoisseur, just listen to this, you'll be bowled over.

What drew me to edhuvumae mukkiyam illai? Well planned visuals, soul stirring music, Tanglish lyrics, narrative style of the song, natural acting, real locations, costume, innovative camera angles, those funny doodles...watch it and I’m sure most of you will agree with me. If you like kolaveri then you’ll like this even more. If you didn’t and you are in the minority list, then your nod is a given. The idea of pouring one’s heart out without any veri against anyone is a class apart!
Very refined!

I'd like to give the link here to edhuvumae, FIRST TIME ever, for behindwoods to do the honors of (re) launching this amazing song that struck a deep chord in my soul.

Not to take away any credit from kolaveri, let’s give edhuvumae it’s due – as the ‘soup song’ truly out of the box and ahead of its times!
Happy listening / watching and an awe-inspiring day and rest of the year!

But let me whisper this into your ears only.
Like the Bourne conspiracy I've uploaded this in YouTube in cahoots with
the guys who bought the rights of M3V and if I am guillotined by the director for this, my dear friends and well-wishers, kith and kin, flesh and blood, near and dear, SRSP! (save rekhs' soul please) !!!
Of course, then this would be MY 1st time experience of being dead meat!!!

Until December…



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