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Deepavali, the victory of good over evil, when whole of India

rejoices, celebrates and relaxes besides indulging in sweets…

when the best of diets takes a wide leap into the Bay of Bengal!!

I was planning to write about the 2 films that are the talk of the town

now. That was when I gleaned some interesting trivia from our dear

Archive expert Film news Anandan sir that set me on a glee spree

How many of us know that the first Tamil talkie film Kalidas was released

on a rainy Deepavali day, October 31st 1931?!

From that day onwards this race to release a film on this auspicious day

continues, even after 8 decades!!!

It is the same frenzy and furor, where tickets get blocked in advance,

theatres are a sea of humanity and record sale of popcorns and pepsis!

What’s interesting is that Kalidas was a period film like ‘7th sense’ but the

comparison stops there! Kalidas had about 50 songs and produced at a cost of Rs 8000 grossed Rs 75000!

When the film reels of Kalidas were brought to Madras, thousands gathered at Madras central railway station and followed the reel box to Cinema Central. Crowds showered rose petals, broke coconuts and burnt incense in the procession of the reels of the film, all along Wall tax Road from the railway station.

1952 Deepavali day set a new record starring our dear legend Chevalier Dr Sivaji Ganesan with his debut film Parasakthi produced by AVM.

Years later, Engirundho Vandhal and Sorgam were released on the same day, 29.10.1970, amidst the festival of lights and laughter, both starred the ever versatile legend Dr Sivaji Ganesan!

His lead pair in the former was our present CM, DR J Jayalalitha produced by actor turned producer Balajee who introduced the remake trend to cinema.

In Sorgam his lead pair was ‘Queen of smiles’ K.R.Vijaya.

Funnily enough, though there were some misgivings from the producers’ side, both shook hands to celebrate the 100th day victory at Hotel Asoka!!!

I have to mention one of my most favorite directors and his most talked about film Nayagan (The Hero). Written, directed, and co-produced by Mani Ratnam which released on 21 October 1987 coinciding with Diwali earned Kamal Hassan (as Velu Naiker) National Award for Best Actor, National award for P C Sriram as Best Cinematographer and Thotta Tharani Best Art Director.

Sad that the then jury did not give the best director National award to Mani Ratnam, captain of the ship. Glad the present jury didn’t mete out the same treatment to director Vetri Maaran!

And on the same day as Nayagan, was released Superstar’s Manidhan, by the most successful commercial director of that time, S.P.Muthuraman

Avvai Shanmugi, a Tamil comedy film directed by K. S. Ravikumar was also released on Deepavali, Nov 10th 1996 and went on to create history, as also Sivappu rojakkal (Red roses)

I must add here that my intention is not to do differences and similarities of top stars like our chemistry and physics lessons!

I just took a trip down memory lane, I come back to ‘now’ where we have 7aum arivu and Velayudham hitting the theatres worldwide.

While 7aum arivu has the much lauded Murugadoss and Surya combo, Velayudham is director Raja’s first non-remake, and the most anticipated Raja –Vijay duo. While Hansika is compared to junior Kushbu, Genelia has created a truly reel impact in Telugu, Hindi, Kannada, Malayalam and Tamil!

Shruthi has the ‘versatile’ acting genes deeply embedded in her!

A huuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuge request to all my readers, watch both films in the theatres and give me your honest feedback. I’m very keen to know what each and every one of you thought, felt, experienced.

To me what matters is that the producers get back the money invested and there’s an embargo on piracy.

This fortnight’s rekhs’ rambling could not have been possible but for my dear E-friends bb, Saravanan, Murali and the film archivist Film news Anandhan and my constant companion Google!

Ciao and celebrate Deepavali week in style!

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