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“Vegam vegam pOgum pOgum magic journey!

pOvOm pOvOm dhooram dhooram magic journey!!”

I had the privilege to meet the directors of Ambuli 3D, our own desi avatar of Avatar last week! This duo Hari Shankar and Haresh Narayan (pronounced Harish) will definitely go places…and take us along in their magic ride.

I was bowled over by their simplicity, earnestness and perfect SYNC within themselves and their team mates.

H & H…Half and Half…Haresh and Hari, 2 peas in the same pod…their names start with the same letter, they share the same birthday digit, fathers share the same name, both film-aholics to the core, both wanted to wave their magic wand at our silver screen…their sync is complete!

They are in fact sometimes mistaken to be, no, not brothers, but twins!

My tête-à-tête with them reiterated once again my belief – ‘life is all about serendipity and destiny!’ It was cinematographer Sathish who ‘bridged the gap’ between the two ‘H’s! As I was talking to them, in walked Sathish, a self-assured, refined, pleasant, simple guy with an absolute no-nonsense attitude.

Raman Effect, a milestone short film in their ‘magic journey’ edged them further to take the untrodden path…be it horror or 3D.

This duo along with Sathish the DoP, Venkat Prabhu Shankar the music director and editor (the versatile Hari Shankar) is all set to conquer the celluloid world.

I wondered what inspired them to direct a film together, rather than work individually.

They immediately replied “we believe 4 hands can open the door better than just 2”

June 11th 2010 showcased their first baby ‘ore iravu’ a film shot in the ‘viewpoint’ mode from Hari Shankar’s production house ‘Shankar bros’

They were so excited and enthralled with their team effort but their film could not sustain the onslaught of Raavan. True to the oft repeated quote ‘when God closes a door He opens a window’ Ms Suhasini spoke highly about this film in her ‘pesum padam’ show which their present producer happened to watch with avid interest. His hand immediately went to his phone and before the boys knew what hit them, their next film was signed, sealed and on the table…Ambuli was conceived and is now waiting for its ‘3 Dimensional delivery’!

Are you wondering why on the table? Their entire film Ambuli 3D has a story book, every single scene, every shot conceived by the team. Credit should go to the fingers of Pugazhendhi, an Art student. They chose each character with care, meticulously planned their schedule, a young team, enthusiastic with no ego clashes, new ideas though their film is that 70’s period, had absolute fun while they worked with a single minded goal: to take Indian cinema worldwide!

Hats off to their confidence, courage and clarity of thought.

When I realized my friend Bosskey was part of this ‘in depth’ film, I couldn’t wait another moment! I called him to record his ‘take’.

In fact when you guys watch this film, please call / mail and let me know if you recognized him at 1st glance! He agreed with my exuberant appreciation of the directors as well as their effort put into this film.

“They (H & H) forbid me from making even a single comical Bosskey-chaapa one liner in the film. My comfort zone with the team was so high that I was entertaining them off-screen when I was not in the frame. This team will rock, rekhs” came Bosskey’s confident observation. I silently thought to myself “from your mouth to God’s ears, Bosskey!” (it’s a Hebrew saying)

Director Hari Shankar said “during post production we zero in at the sound mixing room as a team. Each of our voices is heard, as in every suggestion is taken, considered, analyzed and experimented. Our sound engineer (S.Sivakumar) was pleasantly surprised. 1st time he commented that most often he is left to his own resources and imagination, usually the director comes to see right at the end, but we stormed in with our enthused ideas! Now he has gotten used to our infectious fervor and fire!”

This team is open to ideas, willing to cross the skies(!) and explore the unexplored.

They have spread their wings…wishing them a smooth flight through the debut production of KTVR creative reels.

It’s only befitting that I sign off with one of my most favorite director’s film song, sung by a lady I admire, respect and am in totally awe of ( 3 and more cheers to women power!!!) and the film for which my dearest friend and ‘motivator’ canned the shots!

Vaanam muzhudhum valamaai varalaam

Paal pongum veNNila (Ambuli) rasikka padalaam

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