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Starring: Akshay Kumar, Katrina Kaif, Akshaye Khanna
Direction: Farah Khan
Music: Shirish Kunder
Production: Twinkle Khanna, Shirish Kunder, Ronnie Screwvala

So here comes the half carved version of Robin Hood to wish us Merry Christmas. Half carved? Yes! Because this Robin Hood steals from the rich alright but does not share it with the poor. The tone is set when the to-be-world-famous cop, swims inside his mother's womb with yesteryear
  Tees Maar Khan
dishum-dishum movies to entertain him from outside. Defying his mother's expectations, Tabreez Mirza Khan aka Tees Maar Khan becomes a renowned (!!!) con who makes anything looks SIMple. His love interest is the charming Anya (Katrina Kaif), who is an aspiring actress.

The expectation is set right at the beginning when you see Tees Maar Khan flying in CON-AIR airlines and when the police commissioner explains about Ismail Koila and Master India (son of Mr. India). The idea here is to make us forget our baggage and laugh out loud. And Tees Maar Khan does...not entirely though! The film does make a mockery of a word called 'logic' but this is Tees Maar Khan and he is capable of doing anything.

The self-proclaimed 'con-artist' is back to his Hera Pheri form. Akshay Kumar, though a little restraint in the first half, explodes in the second half and forces you to smile with his funny histrionics. This is such a movie where you would want to indulge yourself regardless of your age or expectation level. Akshay is a safe bet for this role as he shed all his inhibitions and has given himself to shape the character well. Katrina Kaif deserves a round of applause for her role in this movie. If you think she is just a glam-doll in the movie when you see the 'Sheila ki jawaani' song, she lets you know that she can make u laugh too. As an aspiring actress, her overacting (as warranted) is such a treat to watch. You can't help but laugh when she says "Mein aur makeup lagake aati hoon..", in her typical British-ish Hindi accent.

The surprise package in this movie is Akshaye Khanna. He brings the roof down. Quite literally! As a famous Bollywood star obsessed to win an Oscar, Akshaye has done full justice to his role. Where was this actor in him so far? The energy and histrionics seen in this movie is a never-seen-before stuff from him. Rajiv and Ram as the villain twins and others fit into their roles.

The tempo of the movie increases with every song. Vishal Dadlani's brilliant run in Bollywood is summed up in this movie. The crowd goes berserk during the Sheila ki Jawani song and when Salman features in the Wallah re Wallah song. Sabu Cyril impresses yet again with grand sets which are required for this movie. We only wish the train sequence in the end was a little more elaborate for the effort and money that has been spent in erecting a realistic track and train. Editing by Shirish Kunder is neat as is cinematography by PS Vinod. Aki Narula also needs a mention for his costumes.

TMK is slightly different from Farah's earlier movies as this one does not even have a slightest reference to a storyline. But she shows no respite in taking a dig at actors, films or the Oscar fever that is prevalent in the industry. If only there was a thin storyline or cleverer sequences, TMK would have become a cult hero. The film has its pitfalls but we are made to forget them all. A lame attempt at mocking Peepli Live and everyone winning Oscars in the Happy ending are cheap attempts at inducing humour.

So is Tees Maar Khan watchable? Good Question. Very good question. The answer is 'Yes' if you are in the mood to celebrate. But watch it in theatres as the fun is only when there is a crowd laughing along with you. The second half can have you in splits.

Verdict: Khanon me Khan, Tees Maar Khan!

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