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Starring: Anand Chakravarthy, Dhanshika, Jagan
Direction: Anand Chakravarthy
Music: Selva ganesh
Production: Anand Chakravarthy

A genre that is more favored in other industries like Bollywood and Hollywood makes a rare appearance in Kollywood with Nil Gavani Sellathe. Basically speaking, it is a thriller. So, what’s new about thrillers, we do get a few of them every year? But, this is not the usual kind of thriller that we see in Tamil cinema. This is the ‘gang of
  Nil Gavani Sellathe
friends who end up in a desolate place with one after another disappearing mysteriously’ kind of thriller which has been used a number of times in Hollywood. But, even if the concept is as ‘old as the hills’, it is the kind of premise which can always excite us if well executed. So, does this old school ‘mysterious disappearance’ thriller hold enough substance to keep you on your seat’s edge?

We won’t venture much into the plot of the movie because it would involve revealing details that could kill the suspense. It will also be left to you to find out in theaters whether the reason behind all the mysterious disappearances, the crux of the movie, is supernatural or human (criminal).

The makers have had a firm and clear objective while making this movie; to thrill, and they have stuck to it steadfastly right from the start, save the first few minutes of the movie which shows the beginning of the journey to the place which holds all these mysteries. The focus on thrills is undisturbed by any romance or inane comedy, in spite of the presence of both young men and women in the group; a definite positive. The makers have also been successful to an extent in keeping the viewer guessing about the possible reason behind all mishaps. There are also a fair share of misleading clues given at points in the movie, some intelligent while others appear forced, which keep us in doubt. These are the positives.

But, on the other hand; the movie has all the clichés that you have seen in many Hollywood thrillers of this kind. The abandoned road, the car that all of a sudden refuses to start, rain at inopportune moments, sudden loud noises, a lonely woman on the road warning them about trouble ahead etc. While some of these are necessary to set the mood for a thriller (it is difficult to make an audience feel chilled with a scene shot in broad daylight in the city – though there are the rare few film makers who have done it), others appear to be compulsively introduced to artificially hike excitement levels; sudden loud noises is one such example. Also, the reason behind the disappearances when finally revealed does fall a bit flat. The reason behind it, shown in a flashback, does not appear serious enough to warrant such a reaction.

The film relies a lot on the technical team to create the mood and effects needed for thrills. Lighting seems to have been deliberately kept low to ensure that there is always a lurking doubt about what lies ahead. The camera too does a fair job of bringing an ominous scenario onto screen. The BGM, though manipulative at times, does help the movie.

Among the relatively fresh cast, only Dhansika (Maanja Velu, Peraanmai) makes an impression. Debutante director Anand Chakravarthy, also playing the lead, does a neat job.

On the whole, Nil Gavani Sellathey is not a badly crafted thriller. It does excite in patches, but is not able to sustain it for long enough intervals to completely grip you. The rather tame reason behind the entire mystery lets the viewer down, as do the regular thriller clichés which are a constant throughout the movie. If you are a fan of the ‘mysterious disappearance and death in a desolate place’ genre, then you might like this one.

Verdict: Nil Gavani… decide for yourself

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