Pattalam - Movie Review
Review by : Behindwoods review board
Starring: Nadiya, Arun, Kiruba, Sathya, Balaji, Vikas, Suresh, Hari, Vignesh, Guru, Irfan
Direction: Rohan Krishna
Music: Jassie Gift
Production: Tirupathi Brothers
Debutant director Rohan Krishna forays into silver screen after his successful stint in television as a director in teleserial Kana Kaanum Kaalangal which was a big hit with school going kids. Unfortunately his magic does not seem to work in Pattalam, produced and distributed by Lingusamy for Tirupathi Brothers.

The film is about two groups of four adolescents in a school, their characteristic and typical clashes, attractions
and vibrant bonhomie. Nadiya is their Correspondent cum Psychologist who disciplines them in her own way amidst much flak. There is no story as such and it is evident that Rohan Krishna has relied on Nadiya a lot.

Although the central knot of lending a long rope to youngsters for grooming them in the right direction is something zeitgeistical, the treatment sags and is short of verve. Characterization of Nadiya lacks strength in certain places when she is blind to the youngster’s follies and lets them go scot-free. Her explanation on this seems to be the normality of their misdemeanors as adolescents. OK. But does she take any remedial measures to correct them? No, poor children find their own way to mend themselves.

In an interschool competition, Nadiya’s school loses pathetically and the principal of another school attributes the failure to Nadiya’s lenience. Nadiya’s outburst on hearing this works wonders with the youngsters who bring home the coveted success. Some of her arguments in favor of adolescents are sensible. Rohan also tries to pep Pattalam with few love angles interspersed.

Performance wise, Nadiya has done her part well. Among the eight students, Irfan, Hari and Balaji are from Kana Kaanum Kaalangal team.

As regards technicians, they appear to have had an easy ride not taking the film too seriously at all. Music by Jassie Gift of ‘Four the people’ fame does not help the film. In the climax, the song that Irfan sings brings in a little excitement.

Verdict: Exam written unprepared!

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