Aadadha Aattamellam - Movie Review
Review by : Behindwoods review board
Starring: Ravi Ganesh, jenny jasmine, Bharati
Direction: Azhagar
Music: A.R.Rehana
Production: Madras Entertainment Hit $ Get Productions Presents
There are movies with weak storylines that are made good and then there are movies with good basic plots that are butchered inexcusably. Aadadha Aattamellam falls in the latter category. The movie’s story talks about the ill-effects of doing drugs, but sadly the effort falls flat – courtesy the slipshod direction, camera, editing and the sorry performances of actors.
  Aadadha Aattamellam

After losing her parents in an accident, Jenny jasmine (Meera Jasmine’s sister who makes her debut in the movie) raises her brother Ravi Ganesh. Ravi grows to become a basketball player and when Jenny is married he is forced to take up a boarding school where he is introduced to the world of drugs and alcohol. With no control over his life, Ravi chooses the wrong path in life bringing grief to his loving sister.

Aadadha Aattamellam, as you can see, has a story with potential that commands better attention. However, director Azhagar’s shoddy attempt at direction proves juvenile as the movie treads its way to the climax. Ditto for Magi Natesh’s camera that makes the movie look like an afternoon sitcom shot sloppily made, since they cater to a measly number of audience. The lesser said the better about Rehana’s music – the songs and rerecording that doesn’t make an iota of a difference to the movie’s progress.

On the whole, this B grader makes those boring mid-afternoon sitcoms on televisions look like Quentin Tarantino movies.

Verdict: Save yourself, from drugs and the movie!

Star - 0
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