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Starring: Karan, Haripriya, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Raj Kapoor.
Direction: Kavin Bala
Music: Vijay Antony
Production: Saravana R
Karan tries to tread a different path in director Kavin Bala’s debut Kanagavel Kaakka. It is not a completely different theme as such, but the premises make it somewhat distinct to other films that we have seen that border on the same theme.

Kanagavel Kaakka takes a look at the judiciary of our country; how easy it is to find loopholes in the law and escape punishment. So, what is the solution to this? That someone has to take it upon himself to deliver the right judgment when the court of law is not able to do so. How he sets flawed judgments right is the story of Kanagavel Kaakka.

Karan plays the unassuming and ordinary peon in court, the guy who stands behind the judge practically playing no part in the whole process of the trial, just being there as a mute spectator. But, he is not the kind of peon that everyone thinks he is. He is in fact a lawyer who was forced
  Kanagavel Kaakka
by fate to take up the garb of a peon. The reasons for that are told; Karan’s father was a judge and naturally had to take a few tough decisions in his career and delivered judgments that irked a few bad men. He had to pay the price for it through his family and Karan who was witness to all the arson decides to be a source of support to his father than erecting a career of his own.

Now, as a peon standing behind the judge he is able to see right through the fake witnesses and hollow arguments of the other lawyers in court (because of his education as a lawyer). And, when a criminal walked off free he chased them down and delivered justice of his own kind. How long does he continue doing this, does the law wake up or does his struggle end up as a minor movement that never had any impact at all?

Kanagavel Kaakka does attract with its theme - that of one man against the system, which we never go tired of. But, there is a feeling that a director could have brought in a bit more suspense and intelligence to the proceedings. Right from the word go, there is no sense of excitement or whodunit in the movie. It is pretty plain and predictable in spite of the theme’s potential to be suspenseful as well as exciting. The other factor missing sorely from Kanagavel Kaakka is the intelligence. For all his law degree and shrewd eye to detect the criminal, Karan does not seem to plot his acts well enough. All the acts of punishments that he delivers seem too simple and straightforward. Depicting a little bit of planning and in depth thought behind this would have added more credibility to the movie. But, Kanagavel Kakka does impress basically because it has got a theme of universal appeal. Only, the execution leaves a lot to be desired.

Karan has played a role that is quite apart from the ones he has been seen in over the recent past. There is a sense of restraint and underplay which is good and suits the character well. Others in the cast live up to their experience like Kota Sreenivasa Rao, Sampath and Raj Kapoor. Haripriya as the heroine hasn’t got much to do except in the songs.

Technically, there is nothing much in the movie that garners attention. All departments are just adequate. Music by Vijay Anthony is passable, but not catchy and there seems to be one song too many for a film of this kind.

Kanagavel Kaakka has got an interesting subject. But, lack of suspense and intelligence in the proceedings are major drawbacks. A tighter and more focused screenplay was definitely called for.

Verdict: Legal drama: lots of loopholes!

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