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Review by : Harish
Starring: Darsheel Safary, Atul Kulkarni, Rituparna Sengupta, Ziyah Vastani.
Direction: Priyadarshan
Music: Azaan Sami, Tapas Relia, M.G. Sreekumar
Production: Percept Picture Company
The life of kids in the land of God, Kashmir is a topic which has been dealt brilliantly in Tahaan, decently in Sikandar and now the King of slapstick comedy, Mr. Priyadarshan has come up with one more tale of hope and love in the terror stricken state of Kashmir. The movie starts off with a bomb blast and we do expect something drastic and dark up in store but it ends up being a 2 odd hours of advertisement for Adidas, and a Malgudi Days like ending doesn't help but just leaves us at bay for we had expected some more drama.

The movie would have been a perfect Malgudi Days episode as the whole movie revolves around a pair of shoes and how it affects two poor little kids. But remember Malgudi Days was just 40 minutes and this would have been very effective if it had been shot the same way. So, expect unwanted scenes aplenty, repeat of the same scenes with no logical reasoning, emotional sequences which are just forced in the screenplay, a full fledged animated song sequence which promotes POGO and so on.
  Bumm Bumm Bole

The story is about a poor family who are unable to make ends meet in this rather dangerous world. But the two kids in the house has the world of their own and don't want the grown-ups to be part of it and neither do the parents have any inclinations towards that. But when Darsheel, the eldest of the two loses his sister Ziyah Vastani's sandals, they are left with a pair of shoe to share as they decide not to tell their parents about it. Atul Kulkarni, the father, keeps losing jobs and is unable to get a steady income which comes as a hurdle for the kids as they need to share the shoe for sometime longer. And meanwhile Darsheel tries all the tricks in the book to get his young sister a pair of sandals but is unsuccessful. And the rest of the story revolves around the Adidas shoes that they are sharing and the Adidas shoes which they are going to get.

The movie can be used as a case study in major B-schools as the in-film brand advertising has been used to its fullest form. Apart from the fact that the entire movie seems to be an advertisement for Adidas, it also has Pogo and Horlicks ads placed quite effectively. But when did we last see a family which doesn't have money to buy rice or dhal but buys a pair of Adidas shoes for the kids. Wah! kya Family hai!. This 'Ajab Family ki Adidas Kahani' is not completely flawed, the kids are damn adorable especially the little sister of Darsheel who is surely going to go places. Kids will always be kids and thankfully the director has made sure that their innocence is not lost throughout the movie. At no point do you think that the kids are not behaving like a 12 year old or a 6 year old and for that, the director surely deserves thumbs up.

The movie relied mainly on Darsheel and he has come up with aces, a brilliant performance would have easily blown away many people if not for the super cool and extremely talented newbie- 5 year old Ziyah Vastani. It’s a wonder how the kid understood the scene and had acted accordingly. This is a perfect example of the saying – Actors are born not made. Atul Kulkarni does give a power packed performance but his character lacks depth falls a little flat. Rituparna Sen is wasted in a small insignificant role. The rest of the characters have done their job decently.

Technically the movie does suffer from bad editing as too much of jump cuts spoil the fun of watching a children's movie. Cinematography is praiseworthy as we can just imagine how many shots and re-shots it would have taken for getting the scene right, especially when children are involved. Apart from that, lack of experiment does bring some negative marks too. Sabu Cyril's art work is flawless, as usual. Music by Azaan Sami, Tapas Relia and M.G. Sreekumar is just plain average and the background score by M.G. Sreekumar has too much of 'Swades' touch to it.

It’s a valiant attempt but we do expect a bit more from the man who gave us Virasat, Kanchivaram and many brilliant Malayalam gems. Watch it for the 'Awww' factor, as the expression Darsheel and Ziyah gives will just make you go Awwwww!!!

Verdict: Malgudi family Ki Adidas Kahani

Tags : Bumm Bumm Bole, Priyadarshan, Atul Kulkarni, M.G. Sreekumar
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