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Starring: Deepak
Direction: Fathima Beevi
Music: Gideon Karthik
Production: Kalai Vizhi
Physical disabilities don’t make a person any different from other normal individuals. That is what Maa attempts to say. And it is done through a story of love. A young woman falls in love with a man. But, she is not aware that her love interest is physically challenged. Would she have loved him in spite of this disability? Anyhow, there comes a time when she has to face the fact. And, she is not able to accept it, blaming him for hiding things from her. But, to cheat her, hiding the truth about himself was not what he wanted to do as there were many instances when he tries to tell her about his disability. But, she always brushes aside anything that he wants to tell her until it becomes too late.

So, does the love stand or does the disability come in the way? At first, she finds it tough to come to terms with the facts. But, then she realizes that a physical impairment is just a peripheral part of life, never to come in the way of love or anything else in life for that matter. She decides that her love is above such issues. She tells him the same, but he reacts in an unexpected way. How does she respond to it with her life?

Maa is more than just a movie; it is a statement. It attempts to say that there is nothing called a ‘disability’. The crew behind the movie itself is proof of the fact that the differently-abled can do anything that a fully physically able person can. Almost everyone involved in the making of the film is challenged in some way or the other, but they have all risen above it to pull off something as big as making a full-length movie. This includes the director Fathima Beevi and the composer Gideon Karthik who are visually challenged.

Maa also attempts to document the problems that the differently-abled face in day-to-day life. The absence of public amenities that can be used by them like ramps and toilets and the unequal treatment that is sometimes meted out to them is also depicted effectively. But, above all the movie shows that with courage and determination, they know how to overcome them.

Maa is indeed a special effort. It might be very clear that this is not the regular commercial outing. It is a story of will and hope in the face of adversity. The movie should serve as an eye opener to society about the problems of the differently-abled while also urging us to treat them as equals.

Verdict: We shall overcome!

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