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Ellam Avan Seyal Ellam Avan Seyal

Ellam Avan Seyal– Movie Review

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Ellam Avan Seyal
Movie review

Starring: SRK, Bhama, Vadivelu, Raghuvaran, Nasser, Manivannan, Visu, Vijayakumar, Roja, Suganya, Manoj K Jayan, Vadivelu, Ashish Vidyarthy

Direction: Shaji Kailash

Music: Vidyasagar

Production: Karumari Kandasamy, J. Dhurai

Tamil cinema has not had an investigative thriller for quite some time now. For a while, there was talk of Pulan Visaaranai 2 providing one, but that is nowhere to be seen or heard of. Ellam Avan Seyal is a brave attempt to cater to a suspense loving audience. It is a remake of the hit Shaji Kailas directed Malayalam movie Chinthamani Kola Case, that had Suresh Gopi in the lead.
The premise is interesting and it might be quite a while before you are able to tell the protagonist from the antagonist. Let’s say that even the protagonist has got shades of villainy, which he puts to good use. The movie opens with a criminal lawyer, so cunning with words and evidence that he manipulates the court and justice and in the process releasing many heinous criminals from the clutches of law, even as the real victims look upon helplessly. The prosecution is desperate to stop this seemingly undefeatable defender of criminals. Of course, the lawyer also charges huge amounts for the expertise that he brings to court. But someone seems to have other plans. Within days of walking free by the expert lawyer’s skills, the criminals are found dead in mysterious circumstances. Incidents keep repeating and bodies are found every time the lawyer wins a case. The police are nonplussed; they have no clue as to what is happening.

Cut, to a medical college and the entry of a hapless first year student from a village. Her first few apprehensive footsteps in college are viewed with wily eyes by a group of 9 senior girls who call themselves the Mirchis. Ragging takes on a serious form
and the girl is found dead a few days later, her body in pieces. All eyes are on the Mirchis and there enters the lawyer to once again play the savior. He wins this time too, but what follows is something that few would expect. Solving the murder mystery forms the rest of the story.

Good material for a thriller. The script (credited to Shaji Kailas) is taut, but also demands unwavering attention, barring which you might feel that the person is being murdered twice by different people. The movie does not keep you on tenterhooks throughout, which must ideally be the case for a thriller, but it does not bore you too.

The debutante hero has done fairly well, given the rather uncharted nature of the role. Manoj. K Jayan and Ashish Vidhyarthi are as always good and the 9 Mirchi girls have done well. Vadivelu does another punching bag role and evokes a few laughs, nothing special.

At the box office, it is not expected to work wonders. But given the unquestionable suspense content and the unpredictable plot, the kind that has not been seen before in Tamil cinema, it should not do too badly, given its obviously limited budget. Those who love the thought of suspense might take a liking to this flick.

Ellam Avan Seyal – Fairly suspenseful

Mahesh, Saranya Mattrum Palar
Vaaranam Aayiram
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