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Puli Varudhu

Puli Varudhu Movie Review

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Puli Varudhu
Movie review

Puli Varudhu

Cast : Ramesh, Mallika Kapoor, Karunaas, Manivannan, Saranya, Kuyili

Direction: G V Kumar

Music: Srikanth Deva

Production: ELK Antony

The title reminds of you a common adage in Tamil referring to the impending danger but something that never really happens. If you thought that this story, common to all kids, is used as a sheer catch phrase, you are damn wrong.
Puli Varudhu
In fact director GV Kumar has gone a step further and tried to make sense of the superstition - that dreams one has during the day come true. Jithan Ramesh plays the lead and Karunas and another newcomer form his group of friends.

The story revolves around Ramesh's scary daydream and how it impacts the lives of those around him. Ramesh and his friends are traveling to his friend’s place to attend an engagement when Ramesh dozes off in the bus and dreams of the bus meeting with an accident in which Karunas, one of his friends gets killed, and the girl who is to be engaged to his friend has a dosham that will result in the death of the bride groom to-be and this forces him to marry the girl, played by Mallika Kapoor. Shortly after their marriage, Ramesh's father Manivannan dies of a heart attack and Mallika, out of guilt, that she was the one responsible for all the mishaps immolates herself. Ramesh wakes up to this to try and stop this impending future that he believes will unfold before his eyes.

His efforts to stop this from happening forms the rest of the story and to everyone's surprise the major part of his dream does come true. But as is true for all Tamil movies, the incidents don't culminate the way it did in his dream.

In an attempt to establish this trait of Ramesh, the director has some funny scenes involving Karunas with the latter trying hard to make sure that his dreams don't come true. These scenes do raise a few laughs and one particular incident while the two are traveling in the bus where Ramesh screams on dreaming a deadly incident forces the driver, played by Nellai Siva, to stop the bus midway and grab a cup of tea thanking Ramesh for waking him up, sends the audience into splits.

Ramesh shows remarkable improvement in his performance but definitely hasn't reached there yet. Karunas adds the necessary pep to the proceedings while Saranya and Manivannan as Ramesh's parents carry off their role with ease. Mallika Kapoor doesn't have too much scope to perform.

Srikanth Deva's songs fail to stay on after you leave the theatre but his background score makes up for it. Cinematography by C. Rajasekhar and Raja Mohammed's editing do add some pace to the movie. Director GV Kumar comes in for adulations for having chosen a wafer thin plot and adding some interesting twists and turns to what is otherwise only an average fare.

Verdict: Time pass, for those with plenty to spare

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