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Starring: Raghav, Vivek, Nasser, Saranya, Thenmozhi, Yamini Sharma, Livingston.
Direction: T.P. Gajendran
Music: Dheena
Production: Muthulakshmi Movies
T.P. Gajendaran is back with a flick after a 3 year hiatus and it has business (read comedy) written all over it. This time he has given Vivek a full length role in Magane En Marumagane. Knowing Gajendran’s eye for comedy, it will be interesting to see how Vivek has flourished under the director’s comic expertise.

The last time Gajendran had a release was in 2007 with Seena Thana 001 which had Prasanna in the lead. But, Magane En Marumagane might be the first time in all his films that Gajendran has given one of the central characters to a leading comedian. Many would argue that all his films have a lot of scope for the comedians to perform, but this one does look a bit different from what the director has delivered in the past.

But, Magane En Marumagane is not only about Vivek and his comic act. The film has Raghav in the lead and there are three ladies vying for attention here. They are Saranya, Thenmozhi and Yamini Sharma. The experience in the cast is brought in by the presence of Nasser and Livingston.
  Magane En Marumagane

With the promise of living up to the signature Gajendran style, Magane En Marumagane will be an enjoyable ride for those who like to have a good laugh; especially for those who just love to watch Vivek on screen.
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