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Starring: Sundar C, Sathyaraj, Hemamalini.
Direction: Shakthi Chidambaram
Music: Dheena
Production: Radha Sakthi Chidambaram
This Sathyaraj – Sundar starrer also marks a comeback of sorts for Sathyaraj who is missing in action for sometime. The brashly funny Sathyaraj teams up with the man of the masses Sundar C for the first time and sparks of comedy are likely to fly.

Guru Sishyan borrows its name from the super hit movie of the same name, released a few decades ago starring Rajini and Prabhu. This one just borrows its name from the former and is not as such a rehash of the old movie.

So what’s this Guru Sishyan all about then? While Sathyaraj wants a modern girl and is all for looks despite having married to a homely woman Saranya, his brother-in-law Sundar considers this disloyal. He also has the notion that beauty is only skin deep and will not last.

Director Sakthi Chidambaram has had some pretty good credentials with Sathyaraj in the past and their success is a proof of the chemistry they share with each other. We have every reason to believe that the
  Guru Sishyan
movie is also packed with witty one-liners and wise cracks, Sathyaraj style. And although a new combo, it would be curious to watch what Sathyaraj and Sundar do to their roles.

Guru Sishyan is produced by Radha Sakthi Chidambaram and scored by Dhina, who is famous for adapting popular songs in his albums. It would also be interesting to see which famous song he’s used for this movie.

Sakthi Chidambaram is obviously banking on Saranya’s character in the movie to bring in more women audience to the theatres. Saranya is Sathyaraj’s deprived wife who is not only denied of proper attention by her husband but is also a subject of her husband’s disloyalty. Enough reason for the women in the rural centres to connect with the character. And we are sure Saranya knows her onions only too well and will score full marks in the portrayal.
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