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Starring: Baby Keerthika, Ramji, Sangeetha, Ramya Krishnan, Ganja Karuppu.
Direction: Rama Narayanan
Music: Deva
Production: Rama Narayanan
What better time to release a children’s flick than summer holidays? Well, it is a month late, many might think, the holidays have been on since April. Maybe the IPL played spoilsport. But, it is finally here and the kids can have a jolly good time in theaters – Kutty Pissasu releases this Friday.

If one remembers right, the last time an out-and-out children’s movie hit theaters was in December 2008 with Panchamirtham. Now, a year and a half later, we have a product from one of the most senior statesmen of Tamil cinema, Rama Narayanan. It is indeed amazing that the veteran still has it in him to direct full length feature films and it is even more awing to know that this is his 120th film. It is indeed rare to see directors who have gone on to do more than a 100 films and Rama Narayanan is one of them.

Kutty Pissasu is unambiguous about its target audience, the kids, who at this time might be getting bored with redundant TV programs, an overdose of
  Kutty Pissasu
T20 or summer camps that are more tedious than school. Kutty Pissasu might be just the right antidote to all that boredom. Ramanarayanan has surely done his homework about the contemporary tastes of children. They are no longer interested in Vikram-Vethal kind of mythological stories or fables from Panchathanthra, they too want action like their seniors and that is why we have cartoons like Jetix flourishing. Kutty Pissasu will have a more hi-tech version of action, the giant robots from the Transformers. They will be playing a big (quite literally) part in the movie. That apart, there is the nice old good vs. evil backdrop in what looks like two forces (toddlers to be precise) are up in arms against each other, one being the Satan and the other the angel, we suppose.

The big highlight of Kutty Pissasu will definitely be the graphics in use. For a movie that has been conceived and fully executed in India, Kutty Pisau prima facie does seem to have set a pretty high standard for graphics, especially for a children’s film which is presumably shot on a budget that is not too large. Director Rama Narayanan must be applauded for making such an effort; the animation team too deserves a lot of credit. The film will definitely be a showcase of the local talent available when it comes to graphics and special effects.

With the summer holidays at their peak, children free from school and pretty good publicity, Kutty Pissasu does stand a chance of bringing in the kids (along with their parents) into theaters. Let’s hope that the children’s film genre receives a shot-in-the-arm through Kutty Pissasu.
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