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Starring: Karan, Haripriya, Kota Srinivasa Rao, Raj Kapoor.
Direction: Kavin Bala
Music: Vijay Antony
Production: Saravana R
‘When the judgment is wrong’; goes the tagline of the film. That is what Kanagavel Kaakka is all about – the judiciary and how it must function properly if there has to be peace in the society.

Karan is an ordinary peon in a court and is witness to judgments being given day in and day out, some right, some wrong and some that are deliberately twisted to favor people with power and money. He is the man who sets out to correct such judgments, to deliver justice when the system has failed to do its duty.

At the outset, it might look like a done to death story of one man against the system trying to cleanse the entire society of all the evils that exist. But, has debutante director Kavin Bala packed in enough novel elements and presented in a manner that avoids any déjà vu in an audience who have been treated to a multitude of such themes? That will be the big challenge facing Kanagavel Kaakka.
  Kanagavel Kaakka

This is a big opportunity for Karan to revitalize his career. Not that he has been doing too badly. But, a really impressive winner at the box office has been missing for some time now in spite of noteworthy efforts like Malaiyan. The ‘savior of society’ garb is something he has not donned so far and will be quite a challenging one to pull off. It is the kind of role that has the ability to catapult an actor several notches higher than where he stood before. Haripriya plays the female lead in Kanagavel Kaakka.

Apart from them, there are Kota Srinivasa Rao and Raj Kapoor to lend strength to the cast. Music for Kanagavel Kaakka has been scored by Vijay Antony.

With a storyline that is not totally unfamiliar, the onus will be on debutant director Kavin Bala to make the audience sit up and take interest in what is offered on screen. Let’s hope Kanagavel Kaakka succeeds in its endeavor.

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